On an average day, The Water Fountain Park in Naypyitaw is a lovely sight to see, a large park with gorgeous foliage and a fountain show after sunset. However this month there’s an added attraction at the park, The Flower Festival.  Set up to bring in locals and tourists alike, the organisers have pulled out all the stops and highlighted just how beautiful Naypyitaw can be.

Between the 14th February and 31st March, a staggering 200,000 plants have been brought in to decorate the park. It’s hard to not be impressed by the beautiful arrangements that have been created. The most accurate way I can think to describe it, is as an open air art exhibition. From a romantic heart tunnel to a trippy triangle installation, they’ve really thought about dynamic ways to present the greenery. You can take a long stroll around the gardens as the sun sets and take some fabulous photos next to a flower laden telephone box or amongst the ribbons draped from the trees. It was particularly lovely sitting and watching the sunset through the umbrella ceiling, the light changing the colours in the parasols as it set.  You can even hire a pedalo in the shape of a Swan for the princely sum of 2000 kyats and paddle your way along the lake in the twilight.

After nightfall the fountain show starts, those who have been before will notice that they haven’t changed the performance from the scheduled programming but with the change of setting, it makes for a great backdrop.  On the weekend evenings there is a concert featuring Myanmar Idol singers to entertain the crowd, with stalls to peruse for food and drink or for plants if you feel inspired by the flowers.

Getting there is very simple, every cab driver knows where the entrances are but there is one off Yaza Thingaha Road and one on the outskirts of Thapyaygone Market. I’d recommend going through the Thapyaygone route, as you can walk over the bridge and into the main part of the festival, avoiding the large crowds waiting to get in at the main entrance. Once you’ve walked through, taking lots of photos, bought a beer and some street food, make your way to the ‘I Love Naypyidaw’ sign at the front and get some snaps amongst the flowers and parasols. To say this festival is an Instagram haven is an understatement.

Understandably the ticket price is higher while the festival is on, foreigners are charged 2400 kyats and for locals it’s 1500 kyats. There are lots of people keen to get in so foreigners; don’t be afraid to abandon your queuing etiquette!

With a fantastic bustling atmosphere and lots of nooks and crannies to explore, it’s so worth heading down to the flower festival for an evening amongst the beautiful scenery.


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