Movies showing this week from 21st to 27th November 2019 are listed down below.

Frozen 2 
American computer-animated musical fantasy film and it is the sequel to the 2013 film Frozen. Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven leave Arendelle to travel to an ancient, autumn-bound forest of an enchanted land. They set out to find the origin of Elsa’s powers in order to save their kingdom.
#Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Duration : 1 hour and 43 minutes
Cinemas :
JCGV Cinemas
( Cine N Foret, Premium Cinema, Junction City, Junction Square, St.John City Malll, Kantharyar, Mandalay, Mawlamyine, Ottara Thiri)
Mingalar Cinemas ( Naypyitaw, Gamone Pwint, Tamwe, Gold Class, South Dagon, Sein Gay Har)

American science fiction action film that follows the machines send a Terminator back in time to kill a young woman whose fate is connected to Sarah Connor and her son John’s legacies. The Human Resistance sends an enhanced soldier whose existence is also depending on Dani’s survival, back to protect her. Grace and Dani’s only hope for survival against the Rev-9 depends on them joining forces with Sarah and a T-800 Terminator.
#Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Duration : 2 hours and 8 minutes
Cinemas :
Mingalar Cinema ( Naypyitaw )

Years following the events of “The Shining,” a now-adult Dan Torrance must protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known as The True Knot, who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.
#Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Duration : 2 hours and 32 minutes
Cinemas :
Mingalar Cinema ( Naypyitaw )

A tourist group from India sets out on a vacation to only have their trip to turn into a patriotic mission. Will it end well for them?
#Action, Comedy
Duration : 2 hours 13 minutes
Cinemas : 
JCGV Cinemas ( Junction City, St.John City Mall, Kantharyar )

The love bond sparkles when the beautiful women first met a very loving and gentle man comes into her life. He is he only dependable man her father has chosen with request to assist her daughter’s both mental and physical condition. The two get very close and finally decided to make commitment for each other. Normally, it takes one to sacrifice all the love, courage and support for lasting marriage as he\she makes a vow.
Casts : Zenn Kyi, Paing Phyoe Thu & more.
Cinemas :
Mingalar Cinemas ( Dagon Center 2, Shae Saung, Sanpya, Gamone Pwint, North Okkalapa, Tamwe, South Dagon)

Tin String
Burmese Horror Movie directed by Arkar with stars : Phyo Ngwe Soe, Eaindra Kyaw Zin, Ye Naung, Shwe Eain Si and Aung Ye Htwe.
Cinemas :
JCGV Cinemas
( Junction City, Junction Square, St.John City Mall, Junction Maw Tin, Kantharyar, Mandalay, Mawlamyine, Naypyitaw, Ottara Thiri )

Bo Nay Toe
Burmese Action Movie directed by Steel with stars : Nay Toe, Min Oo, Zin Wine, Htun Ko Ko, Nay Myo Aung, Thet Mon Myint, Paing Phyo Thuh, Nan Khin Zayar and so on.
Cinema :
Mingalar Cinemas (Thamada, Thwin, Mingalar Cinema (1), Sanpya, Gamone Pwint, Sein Gay Har, North Okkalapa, Tamwe, South Dagon )

Burmese drama movie about a teacher who has to go and teach to a village in the countryside. It’s a moving picture about the hardships of education staff in Myanmar. Based on a true story.
Cinemas :
Mingalar Cinemas
( Shae Saung, Sanpya, Gamone Pwint, Sein Gay Har, North Okkalapa, Tamwe, South Dagon)

The film aims to raise awareness on human trafficking and how children can easily become a target of traffickers. Educative and emotional, the film also features an A-list cast.
Cinemas :
JCGV Cinemas ( Junction City, Junction Square, St.John City Mall, Mandalay)

Burmese Comedy Movie directed by AwRatha.
Cast : Hlwaing Paing, Nay Htoo Naing, Ei Chaw Po, Nan Myat Phyo Thin.
Cinemas :
JCGV Cinemas ( Junction City, Junction Square, Mandalay)

Cinemas Phone Numbers

Mingalar Cinemas Gold Class | 09 266660911, 22, 33
Mingalar Sanpya Cineplex | 09 260 887 035 — 36, 01 230 3 165
Mingalar Cineplex (Gamone Pwint) | 09 779 054 671 — 73
Mingalar Cinema 2(Dagon Centre (II) | 09 732 54 091 — 92
Mingalar Cineplex (Sein Gay Har) | 09 402 177 771
Mingalar North Okkalapa | 09 402027001
Mingalar Tamwe | 09 402199991, 2, 3
Mingalar South Dagon | 09255333881,2,3
Nay Pyi Daw | 01 251 277, 01 251 288
Shae Saung Cinema | 01 252 113, 01 388 034
Thamada Cinema | 01 246 962, 01 246 963
Thwin | 01 372 594, 01 388 033
Mingalar | 01 243057
Mega Ace Cineplex (Tamwe)| 01 554383
Mega Ace Cineplex (Thar Kay Ta) | 01 556782
Mega Ace Cineplex (North Okkalapa) | 09 971750101
Mega Ace Cineplex (Dawbon) | 09 400686992
Mega Ace Cineplex (Hlaing Thar Yar) | 09 403162160

JCGV tickets can be booked and bought online via app
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Show times are subject to change over time. For more information please make call to Cinemas.

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