Salty and spicy in equal measure, Baelachaung is the comedic meme creator you never knew you needed. From administering home truths about hipster ex-pats in Yaw Min Gyi to dressing down diva brides who get carried away on their big day, Baelachaung takes no prisoners when it comes to mocking all walks of Yangon life. Take some tips from the Myanmar Meme Queen for how to live your best life for the year ahead….

1. Be more humble
Put down that H belt and post less humble-brags.

2. Dial down on the social media PDA
Go outside and actually spend time with your significant other instead of just posting a #TBT of your anniversary from half a year ago at L’Opera.

3. Stop body shaming
If you want to comment on another person’s body, DON’T. Go to the Attic and drink until you can no longer speak.

4. Don’t let anyone shame you for your drinking habits
Display all the empty bottles you’ve finished in your room, then sell them at Yangon Farmer’s Market. Yaw Min Gyi ex-pats will probably think it’s #aesthetic.

5. Work out more
Perfect your body, not your FaceTune skills. Fitness is in, airbrushing is out. But for those who wish to get those Insta-worthy gym pics in addition to gains, PowerHouse bathroom mirrors are 10/10 for da bootay.

6. Travel to new places
And no, a shopping trip to Bangkok doesn’t count. Save money instead of buying your 10th bag in a heinous colour that you don’t need.

7. Volunteer
And not for the sake of some insta-philanthropy. Go help transform downtown Yangon with YGN Walls and try not to Instagram your deed – the likes you get don’t mean jack.

8. Reduce Stress
Take a social media break and escape the city – or simply stop media stalking your ex every 3 seconds.

9. Don’t be sexist
Reach out to Akhaya Women on how you can volunteer or learn more about their work and upcoming events.

10. Stop asking who Baelachaung is
Follow @baelachaung on Instagram instead.

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