The group behind Rangoon Tea House has brought a welcome addition to downtown’s lunch scene, with possibly Yangon’s only two-in-one restaurant.

Launched at the start of July, Buthee and Mr Wok are sandwiched together in an airy space on Bogalay Zay—the same property once occupied by globetrotting culinary concept Tin Tin.

Buthee is the Myanmar traditional fare part, where you can slide a tray across metal bars and opposite bowls of braised mutton, basa fish with tamarind, fried corn, butterbeans and the like, all placed behind screened glass.

A leg stretch away is the counter for Mr Wok, touted as “the number one flaming noodle and rice concept in the country.” Pick your noodle type, your sauce, your toppings, and thrust your chopsticks into the noodle box.

Non-tailored boxes such as wok-fried wonton (3,500 kyats), fried rice with egg (1,500 kyats), and creamy pork (3,600 kyats)—a gathering of rice noodles, pork, pakchoi and penang sauce—are also available.

RTH Group of Rangoon Tea House fame is behind both concepts. Mr Wok has a few branches dotted around town, but Buthee is a first, inspired by old recipes of the founder’s aunt, who grew up in Pyinmana in central Myanmar.

Buthee/Mr Wok has a pleasant, industrial aesthetic, with exposed piping and concrete floor. There are some thoughtful touches, too, like the enamel cutlery, the Ngapi Yay Station (help yourself to mango, bamboo shoots, cucumber and pickled tea leaf), and the English and Burmese labels for Buthee’s dishes.

This last touch helps connects the dots for those who have tried plenty of local food without knowing the names of the meals. It also makes this an attractive place for foreigners and locals to come together—especially for speedy lunches.

Including one of the refreshing sodas (1,500 kyats), a large lunch should not cost more than 5,000 kyats per person. Seating is available downstairs or on a raised platform, while at the door is a coffee and tea stand to add to the local vibe.

Address: No.116/118, Bogalayzay Road, Botahtaung Township.
Contact: 09 894 120277
Hours: 10am-10pm


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