Four Tomatoes review: ‘Gastronomic delights in a bustling bistro’


An evening at Four Tomatoes is a warm evening of good food, friendly service in a cosy
environment. It feels like a welcoming family-run neighborhood restaurant. One that you
would be happy to visit when you don’t want to cook but want something reliably-tasty.
Four Tomatoes’ dinner menu offers hearty Italian fare in a casual intimate restaurant of less than 20 seats. The food was up to standard and reasonably-priced for decent Western fare. That, combined with the staff’s warm reception, has made me add it to a list downtown regular haunts.

I visited on a Friday night, when the no-frills wooden tables were packed with families,
couples, and groups of friends imbibing in good food and wine. It should be noted that Four
Tomatoes serves a different, more Burmese, menu during the day. The noise levels were
perhaps at the upper end of pleasurable, but enthusiastic and attentive service from staff
put me at my ease. We ordered a variety of dishes from a menu of pastas, pizzas, soups,
bakes, and steaks to share and I can confirm that, for the most part, they hit the spot.

The spinach and ricotta ravioli (8,000 kyats) was a brilliant blend of creamy cheese, chewy
fresh home-made pasta and a tart lemon butter sauce. With only seven ravioli on the plate,
however, it’s not a good choice for those of you looking to get full up. The eggplant
parmigiana (7,000 kyats) was more like a vegetable lasagne, with pasta sheets among the
herby tomato sauce and giant pieces of eggplant. I would not order the risotto with prawns
(9,000) again, the consistency was more like rice pudding. The pizzas (12,000 kyats) were all-round crowd pleasers—good doughy base, a liberal mount of cheese and topping although the tomato sauce was a little too sweet for this gourmand.

A very pleasant evening of relaxed conversation and gastronomic delights was rounded off
with a fantastic crème brulee (6,000 kyats) which was creamy, vanillary sumptuousness on
the inside and sweet and crunchy on the top. I will be back, regularly.

Address: Maha Bandula Street, opposite of 48th Street
Phone : 09 42582 2513
Hours : 9am–2pm and 5pm-10pm


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