Rumblings from across Myanmar. 

Up North

Kachin State celebrated its new year with the Manaw Festival on January 10—not so much a festival, according to one resident, as a “gigantic sale of trinkets, clothing and things.”

Other going-ons in the state capital Myitkyina include fancy new bar and grill Ledo, on the southern end of Myae Myint Street. Punters can enjoy TV and entertainment inside or perch on the large deck to enjoy food in the fresh air. “Anticipate a bit of sticker shock when you get the bill as prices are a bit higher than what is common in this small city and noticeably higher than you’d pay in Yangon,” one customer told Myanmore.

Elephant in the Waterfall

In mid-January, the Myanmar Timber Enterprise opened Mandalay’s first elephant camp near popular Dee Dote waterfall. While it is an affordable and easily accessible way to get up close with these gentle giants, many have grumbled that the experience seems more about capitalizing on the waterfalls’ popularity rather than contributing to the well-being of the elephants and their natural environment. One concerned local, a regular of Dee Dote, griped “We don’t want elephants sh*tting in our falls!”

JamIt Returns

Mandalay’s 2017 concert calendar saw more EDM and DJ events than rock, a surprising turn-around for the city that gave birth to Zaw Win Htut, Lynn Lynn and other famous rockers. But JamIt returns on 10 February with a full line-up of Yangon artists as well as Mandalay alt bands including Romantics and Skunx. Rumors are also abound that another underground show will be held in March as well as a show featuring one of the country’s best punk-rock bands. Stay tuned!

Aung La fight

ONE Middleweight World Champion Aung La N Sang and Brazilian Alexandre Machado will clash for the light heavyweight belt on February 23 at Thuwanna Indoor Stadium in Yangon.

Kachin-born Aung La N Sang “The Burmese Python” will headline the show while Yangon-born Phoe Thaw is set to face Sor Sey on the main card.

Aung La N Sang promised his fans that he “will do everything in [his] power to make the people of Myanmar proud,” according to a statement from ONE.


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