Hong Bao Myanmar has opened its fourth restaurant this year, located in Mayangone Township. The diners have drawn praise for their creative dishes that range from dim sums to seafood, and a selling point for authenticity is that their head chefs are from Hong Kong.

“We want to make all of our customers feel like they are dining in Hong Kong,” said Hong Bao’s PR manager Hnin Pwint Phyu. “We import the highest quality ingredients to ensure this.”

After a loud and jaunty welcome by lion dancers, guests at the launch were ushered into the beautifully decorated restaurant. Mouth-watering smells wafted in from the kitchen, a harbinger for the food to come.

Executive chef Weng Ge Qu took the crowd through a step-by-step explanation of each dish.

“All of the dishes contain a great amount of vitamins,” he said. “We wish to serve our customers a healthy and quality meal whenever they dine at Hong Bao Myanmar.”

After a long wait, the guests were able to experience the deliciousness of Hong Bao Myanmar’s food by themselves. The waiters carried out dim sums, and then dishes ranging from braised pork knuckle with abalone sauce in clay pot to “Chef Po” style stir-fried whole crab with curry powder. With a total of 12 dishes being served, the guests were happily satiated. Overall, Hong Bao Myanmar’s latest offering is a promising diner, big on authenticity and healthiness.

1. Dim Sum House: 6.5 Mile, Market Place, Hlaing Township
2. Hong Bao Dim Sum & Authentic:  No(82/95), Corner of Manawharri and Pyay Road,Dagon Township
3. Hong Bao Dim Sum: Yunlong , Hantharwaddy Golf Driving Range of Golf Academy , Corner of Kyun Taw Street and Nae Nat Taw Street, Kamayut Township 
4. Hong Bao Dim Sum & Seafood: (8)Mile Junction, Mayangone Township 

Phone: 01 525 404

Opening: 9 AM to 11 PM

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  1. Comment on article: “Hong Bao Myanmar” by Pamela Tan dated December 28, 2017

    This is not a very useful article about and on behalf of Hong Bao restaurant since 1) the addresses of the 4th branch and the other 3 branches are not even listed and 2) there is no mention on the taste/quality of the dishes from the point of view of the reporter.

    If there is a claim on the “vitamin-richness” of the food, I’d like some proof of that as a reader, especially if in the same article, it is also claimed that the ingredients are imported (to me, that simply implies that since these ingredients are not sourced locally and were imported from abroad, they are not “fresh”).

    Please improve on relevance, points of interest and overall quality of reportage.

    • Dear Alexandra,
      Thank you for your thoughts on the Hong Bao Myanmar article. We have since added the addresses of all Hong Bao branches in Yangon and hopes this helps you. As this article is a new opening and not a review, we have held back on delving into opinions of the taste/quality of the dishes. This is because Hong Bao provided the food, as is usual for new openings, whereas for reviews we pay for the food, giving us scope for independent critique. The claim of the “great amount of vitamins” came as a direct quote from the chef, and of course we cannot change what he says. The quote on imported food also came from the staff and not us. We take your points seriously and with consideration, though, and will work on improving the usefulness of the ‘new opening’ articles in 2018, which we hope will be a great new year for you!


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