Myanmar International Fashion Week 2017 was capped off last night with a remarkable show—testament in the ovation for Myanmar’s most renowned designers at the end of the night.

Local celebrities and designers camouflaged amid the dapper audience were spotted casually strolling around Yangon’s Shwe Htut Tin compound. Perhaps over a thousand filled the space: some standing and everyone vying for a good view of the catwalk.

The event—organized by John Lwin of leading modeling agency Stars and Models International—was opened by a singer and then a make-up presentation.

After a long wait, a fierce-looking model strutted on stage, showcasing the start of a magnificent Western-Myanmar fusion of designs from Mya Pwint Phyu.

Mainly using décolleté tops, delicate patterns on the full-length dresses or longyis, and vibrant color arrangements, Mya Pwint Phyu did not cease to amaze the audience with her innovative designs.

Htay Htay Tin then awed the crowd with her most fitting festive clothes. Using white feathers as her main theme, she managed to combine an avian feel with a Christmassy ambiance.

The night ended with male models donning the work of Bangkok-based Davis Pranlapon. Common gender stereotypes were inevitably smashed as Davis used fuchsia colors, glitters, feathers, and furs, all of which are typically deemed as feminine in mainstream society.

Photos by Leo Jackson.


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