You’re in Yangon, but you don’t have these apps downloaded, then you’re not surviving the expat life in Yangon the right way. Be efficient and get the best options with efficiency with these apps. I assure you, they will make your life easier.




If you’re a foodie, this app is the cupid for your one true love: food. This restaurant finder app helps you discover all the cafes, bars, and diners in Yangon and beyond. Spend your money right and make the right gastronomic choice; read reviews and recommendations from users, find promotions, and get hot deals. In addition, to reviews, you can also use the map feature as a guide to your destination, build your own network of friends, discover your friends’ favorites, and share your experience.

Phone Availability: iOS and Android

Price: Free


Remember that moment when you hurt your wrist trying to hold the grocery bags from the supermarket? Guess what? You don’t have to worry about that anymore!
Grocery shopping just got even easier without a trip to the store with the Dailymart App.
With this app, you can create a grocery order with just a few taps. Buy fresh fruit and snacks to stationery and household items. You can select the date and time, and your grocery will be delivered to you promptly. This will save you time, energy, and the torturous queuing-at-the-counter moment.

Delivery cost: delivery fee = +2,000 MMK.
Orders over 30,000 MMK = Free
Phone Availability: iOS   Price: Free


This app will help you bridge the communication gap between you and the locals.

Imagine this: You are going to a hospital and you tell the taxi driver, “Please send me to the nearest hospital” but all he replies is, “Sorry?” You are very sick and need immediate doctor’s attention. You desperately repeated the question, this time louder, but to your frustration, he only replies, “Sorry? Where?”

You thought, “I’m going to die before I reach the hospital

Now, this is when you need Ornagai. Type “Hospital” and “Near” into the search box and you will see the Burmese translation for it. You can then show it to the Taxi driver, and he will send you to the nearest hospital. It is that easy, so get this app now!

Phone Availability: iOS & Android

Price: Free

4TAXI – Hello Cabs, Oway, Grab, Uber

Not only do you have to wait for a taxi to come in the rain, you also have to deal with bargaining the overpriced taxi fee. Get the reasonable price you deserve with one of the Taxi Apps available now. Moreover, you can get discounts by referring to your friends and they usually have occasional promotional codes. Avoid the traffic and get to your destination with the help of Google Maps and it is also safe because of its Car Tracking qualities. Check out the Taxi Apps review done by one of our Myanmore author who used these four recommended Taxi apps.
[Review] Taxi Apps In Yangon
Phone Availability: iOS & Android

Price: Free


This may be “The world’s hottest app” to Forbes, but it is no doubt, “The best app to get to know locals” here in Myanmar. Although it might be hard to find a “hook up” due to culture complications, you might actually be able to find some new local friends, better yet, love. This site allows you to get matched, chat, and meet the people in the neighborhood. Go download Tinder now to expand your social group in Myanmar.

Phone Availability: iOS & Android
Price: Free

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