Locating at the heart of Myanmar Plaza, this spot of joy and sweetness is just the place you might want to check out if you have a sweet tooth or want to cuddle on some teddy bears while fulfilling your craving for good dessert.

Mr Jones’ Orphanage is originally a themed dessert franchise from Bangkok. The main theme of the place is, of course, of the fluffy purchasable teddy bears who are allegedly “the orphans.” The sub-theme, according to the staffs, differs from place to place. The shop we paid a visit is under the theme of “carousels”


Even from the far out, we were greeted with the sight of whimsically lit decors and lights, glistening against the heavily lighted mall. The gently revolving carousel, decked with numerous teddy bears, hovers up the shop from above. Underneath it, there would be neatly tables and booths with their own fluffy teddy bear companions. Even though the subtle formality of theme café does not resonate well with the open area, the decorations and teddy bears would truly avert your attention from the bustling shopping center. In other words, you would feel in place and, of course, sheltered.


To get desserts and coffee would be optimal here but there are numerous decent meal options you can choose.

Shrimp open sandwich is definitely a must delicacy since the creaminess of the cream coated with tender shrimps a resounding flavor by following up with a chewy bread. Sausage fried rice, with a toning mixture of sausage and eggs also would make an interesting option if for lunch. The cherry on top these sundaes of meals would be the desserts of the shop.

We started out with the massive stacks of “Matcha Toast” with vanilla ice cream on top. This is one of those desserts which would acquire an eccentrically soggy yet fascinating texture and taste even if you let it sit for a while and let the ice cream melt on top. However, it is always wise to order this only if it is for two. We moved on next to Rainbow Crepe Cake with strawberry syrup, which would be an absolute sugary delight for all those who crave for decent dessert.

Moreover, since excess of good things can always lead to something unpleasant, it is always sensible to order a drink to wash it all down. A simple latte (which is also pretty decent) can go all the way. However, “Momma is the best”, slushes of mango flavored juice, was the perfect ending with its impeccable acidity which compensated the sugary richness of the desserts.

Final Thoughts

The only (mild) criticism I have off of this place would be the fact that it is quite hard to a peace of mind since there is a ball pit for children right beside the shop. Then again, on the other hand, if you are a parent, this is the perfect place to let your children on the loose. Aside from these, this place in general is a nice place to strike up a conversation with your friends. There’s always something comforting and warm about talking while holding on teddy bears over dessert.

14705715_1331166023573875_2489628872215911152_n (1).jpg
14705715_1331166023573875_2489628872215911152_n (1).jpg
09 979 88791109 979 887911

Mr. Jones claims to be the first theme cafe in Myanmar serving homemade delicious cakes and desserts. They also conduct various baking classes for bakers and kids usually on weekends. Seasonal fruit smoothie and puddings are available too.

Opening Hours
9:00 AM - 8:30 PM
Price Range
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