Micro Empire’s office – Bayint Naung Rd., Shwe Sabae Yeikmon, building F/12, 4th floor.

Myanmar is rich in natural resources, including ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ according to VA Angels. VA Angels is a private investment group from Canada that is coming to Myanmar to train Myanmar entrepreneurs how to attract investors.

So on 16th to 18th September, VA Angels will hold a workshop where local business owners can meet and learn directly from investors, people who finance projects in Southeast Asia. A meeting with venture capitalist firms often costs $1000, this two-day workshop is only for $150.

This workshop is designed for those who manage or work for small to medium enterprises who are interested in growing their business.

-Learn how to create a product plan, discuss sales & marketing, and determine how to value your company and sell shares.


  • Create an Investor Deck and present to private investors
  • To conclude the weekend, founders will have the opportunity to pitch to a distinguished panel of investors and community influencers and receive feedback at a Sunday afternoon/evening pitch nite.

For more details: Call 09974539644, 09263658031 or E-mail Hilda: [email protected]

The class will be held, and payment can be dropped off, at the Micro Empire Office.


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