Htun Lyn Zaw AKA Frankie

On the left side on Pansodan, if you’re walking towards the Pansodan Jetty, you will find this gentleman displaying his watercolor paintings on the left platform of lower block. Myanmore interns encountered him swaying his foot to mix the colors on a paper canvas, which gradually became a landscape painting by the strokes of his brush. 


Myanmore: How much do you take for a painting?


Foot Painter: I only take 1000 kyats for these. This is very reasonable price, considering if you go to other galleries and shops, you will have to pay over 90,000 kyats for a small painting. Of course, art is art.


Myanmore: Where do you get the paints and papers?


Foot Painter: Around Sule Pagoda, I have suppliers. It only costs around 500 per bottle.


Myanmore: Would you also do portraits and other kind of paintings?


Foot Painter: I don’t. Not in the street like this. I only do these scenery watercolor paintings here. For portraits other paintings, I’d prefer to go home and concentrate on a canvas, and it would take at least a week for me to do so, considering I have to go out on the street to sell these paintings.


Myanmore: Your accent sounds different. You are not from around here, are you?
Foot Painter: Haha! True. I’m from Shan State. In 1992, I came to Yangon to learn more about paintings. Then I found a teacher named “U Min Wai” in Golden Valley, Bahan. After the school, the teacher wanted me to stay here because life could be better here, and he wanted me to do more painting. Then, I stayed here, learnt more about painting, got married, and all the good stuffs. Of course, I decided to settle here after I got married.

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