Burger Rundown of Yangon

As one of the most globalized dish around the world, for better of for worse, every city has multiple burger joints and customers who want to try them. For some reason burger restaurants are disproportionately on Dhama Zedi Road but then again there are dozens of burger places that did not make this list. MYANMORE is working on a more complete listing, so for now, here is a small guide to great burgers at a good value. You may have to pay up for the best but there are incredible options for less than 5000 Ks.

Savoy Hotel // 129, Dhammazedi Road

Around USD $12 for a burger


While it may be a bit cliche for Yangonites, Savoy on the best burger list is a necessary formality.  Every Savoy Burger has a perfectly fried egg that complements the beef and relish, yet does not take as much finesse to eat as a open-yolk egg might suggest. The burger is well constructed with an egg that is not runny and meat that is a high-grade.  You get a free Tuborg if you come on Wednesdays.

Sharky’s // 117, Dhamazedi Road or Upper Pansodan

Beef Burger for around 15,000 Ks

So gourmet it may not be considered a burger by some purists. Cut into quarter slices, served on a beautiful thick cutting block, with a side of caramelized onions, cheese, sundered tomatoes and artisan sauces, you may be more comfortable to eat this dish with a fork. It is not cooked rare, but the melted cheese and other toppings make the meat incredibly flavourful. They have about 7 burger options, with the average price around 15,000 Ks. You can get one of the best veggie burgers here as well for 10,000 Ks

Jeff’s Kitchen // 4a KanYeikThar Street, Yangon

Beef Burger 9800 Ks

jeff's kitchen beef burger

Jeff’s has a tall and narrow burger that is still filling. Jeff’s is a relatively new restaurant that serves western food with thai influences. The burger carries this concept with the use of sweet sauces and grilled fruit between the buns. The beef patty is 190 g served with cheese, egg, bacon and grilled pineapple. If you want a cheaper burger, or no beef, the Chicken and Soft-Shell Crab choices are the way to go. Served with sweet tomato chutney, onion marmalade and gherkins and spicy aioli respectively.

A.J’s Bar & Grill // No.132, Anawrahta Road

Around 8000 Ks

Opening at 5pm, A.J’s is exclusively a dinner spot. Fortunately for A.J’s, there is controversy if a burger for lunch is acceptable. A.J’s is a higher-end all-American grill that serves burgers on the rarer side for those who ask. Their several options, including pulled pork, are covered in sauces to prevent the meat from drying out. This is your spot if you’re craving bold flavours and American cuisine.

Le Mont Blanc // Market Place, 430A, Dhamazedi Road

Around 5500 Ks

You have to enter Marketplace to get to Le Mont Blanc, which has a cafeteria feel, but still worth it. They have reasonably priced burgers with great creamy sauces. Their mushroom sauce is popular and goes great with their crispy chicken burger and beef burgers.

Coffee Circles // 107 Dhamazedi Road

Around 5000 Ks

Coffee Circles sits on a dead stretch of Dhama Zedi Road that is especially unforgiven during the hot season. Sharky’s is next door, but this is the place to relax in air conditioning with wifi, coffee and a burger. They have several options of meat between bread but we personally recommend the mushroom burger or BLT deluxe. The meat is not over cooked and smoky in flavour, far from a Big Mac and something burger-lovers could appreciate. Their menu is massive with plenty of Myanmar dishes as well.

Burgerlary in Yangon

John Dee’s in the Golden Butterfly Hotel // Kabar Aye Road

Around 3500 Ks

John Dee's Butterfly Burger

John Dee’s has the best ‘burger on a budget’ in Yangon. It self-describes as having Euro Food, but it is more accurate to refer to the cuisine as American mid-western, in a casual setting. In fact, the chef was trained by a Chicago-native who specialized in pub food- an influence he readily mentions on the John Dee’s menu. The burgers are 100% beef from Australia served with sauces that are made in-house. You can get a quarter-pound burger for 2000 Ks, which is a fantastic deal, but we recommend stepping up for the namesake patty: the Butterfly Burger for 3500 Ks. The place can get busy on the weekends but usually quiet on the weekdays- especially during the day.

Peppers // 612 New Univesity Avenue

Around 4000 Ks

A growing chain in Yangon, Pepper’s has become one of the big names for Myanmar nationals who want western food. It is hard to argue considering that the food is quite good and for an affordable price. Their burgers are nothing groundbreaking, but a classic medium-well burger that is better than anything you’ll get at a fast food joint. It calls itself Mexican, which is debatable, especially with their burgers which are quite traditional.

Enjoy Kitchen // Corner of 90th Street & Daw Thein Tin Road

Around 3000 Ks

A hidden place in Kantawlay that serves interesting burgers by halal standards. The burgers aren’t the most filling because the meat patties are on the thinner side. But the bread and toppings are of good quality served with a nice spicy mayo. We recommend the spicy burger which has chillis served inside the patty, make it a double if you’re really hungry. Most of their menu is halal cooked Myanmar and Thai dishes for those interested. The staff does not speak English so be ready to use some Myanmar.

New Burger // S27 U Chit Maung Road, Yangon

Around 2000 Ks

More of a fast food joint that stays open late, often for 24 hours. They serve chicken burgers on par with Lotteria, and dishes like fried rice and morning glory on par with most teashops. Stop by if you’re partying in Yankin and want a midnight snack.


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