Sunday, June 7, 2020

Photo of the week

One World Through My Lens Exhibition

From the 16th until the 19th of November, The Secretariat hosted an exhibition entitled One World Through My Lens, featuring the works of Ye...

A House Destroyed

Remnants of a house destroyed by mud and water at Ton Zan Township, Hakha Lay Village, Chin State. On 28th August, after a natural...

Buffalo Boy

Boy riding buffalo at Dite U in the Bago region! Photos by Hong Sar  

Photo of the Week: Thank you

Homeless residents from the Hintada region, saying thank you for all the generous donations. Many people in this area have lost their home, farm...

Photo of the Week: A woman in tears, after having lost all her belongings in the floods.

A woman in tears, after having lost all her belongings in the floods. Photo by: Hong Sar web:

Photo of the Week: A Flood Victim Girl Smiling to the Visitors

A flood victim girl smiling to the visitors in Kalay township camp on 3 August 2015, the camp was taking place at the the school building.Many houses...


  BURMESE PUPPET SHOW Photographer: Supreet Kaur      


Parasol girl A small scale factory, Pathein (Bassein), Myanmar Credit Supreet Kaur

Latest news

Soap Cycling Myanmar: Clean hands, clean world

Ever wondered where the leftover soap bar you threw into the trash bin goes and how it affects the environment?

12 Restaurants to Try in June

It’s been over 2 months since cafes, restaurants and other public places have been closed due to the pandemic. Now, the government has eased some regulations and many cafes and restaurants are back to served the dine-in customers. Check our list of new restaurants and hidden gems worth your visit.

Changes in the fields, an Environmental Documentary to Reconnect Humanity 

A Myanmar environmental documentary - Changes in the Field - has been released to address how the lives of farmers in Myanmar are affected by climate change. It takes a glimpse into the lives of farmers in Yangon, Shan State and Mon State, whose very existence and heritage is intertwined with their lands. We talked with Tomas Derville and Beatrice Manole - the producer and co-producer - on how this documentary that can act as a blueprint to lay out a potential vision for the future —— the story of how we can act now and make things right.
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