Basketball has long been a passion for many, but realising its full potential and fostering a thriving community around the sport can be a challenge since it’s not as popular as football or bodybuilding.

Wai Lin Myint, the visionary founder and league commissioner of Myanmar’s burgeoning Grand Slam League, is determined to change that narrative. In an exclusive interview, he unveiled the league’s mission, strategies, and aspirations, shedding light on his efforts to elevate the basketball scene in the country and celebrate outstanding players.

Wai Lin Myint

A leap of faith

Lin’s journey began with a fervent love for basketball that had grown since his middle school days. Witnessing countless talented players fade into the background due to financial constraints or lack of opportunities, he decided it was time for a change. “We couldn’t wait for someone else to initiate the transformation. We had to step up and create the change ourselves,” he remarks. Thus, the Grand Slam League was born.

The league’s vision is to create an ecosystem that nurtures both the talented players and the sport’s growth. “We wanted to provide players with an opportunity to shine, to stand in the spotlight they deserve,” he explains.

Aims and shots

The league’s mission encapsulates several key objectives, from fostering a community for competitive basketball players to growing the next generation of talents. Beyond its on-court significance, the league endeavors to promote basketball within society, collaborating with schools and community organisations to present the sport as a healthy and positive activity for youth.

“At the core of our mission is the cultivation of a culture based on respect, fairness and teamwork,” says Lin. “This isn’t just about sports; it’s about building character and inspiring a new generation of players.”

Within a year, the league has held two seasons and the third one is underway, featuring two categories: a 5v5 format with four teams and a 3v3 category with seven teams. Team formation is led by team captains, who play a crucial role in selecting players. “The captain’s role goes beyond the court; they hold the responsibility of shaping their team and creating a harmonious atmosphere,” Lin emphasises.

Scouting talents is a community effort, driven by the inherent camaraderie among players. Each team employs unique strategies to identify promising players. While some teams scout local talents, others extend their reach to players from neighboring regions, even providing transportation and accommodation. Lin’s approach focuses on encouraging working adults to return to the sport by scheduling league matches on weekends.

Fostering growth and community engagement

The league’s ambitions extend far beyond the league itself. Lin’s team envisions a comprehensive training centre for aspiring players and enthusiasts. The league’s annual event, the Hoop Festival, has already brought about significant change. The nine-day extravaganza at Junction Square in 2018 attracted diverse audiences with entertainment, street food, and of course, riveting basketball action.

“Our community is integral to our growth,” Lin asserts. The league actively engages with fans through social media, crafting content that resonates with both players and spectators. Moreover, their dedication to community-focused initiatives is evident in their plans for a township-wide inter-school competition, aiming to provide training, equipment, and facilities to schools lacking resources.

Foundation for the future

While the league’s success is undeniable, challenges abound. Limited court availability in Yangon remains a significant hurdle. Lin explains: “We have chosen to partner with StarCity Sports Club for their high-standard court and facilities. The distance is far but for now, this will do.”  Balancing the league’s demands with full-time work commitments is another obstacle, yet Lin and his team persevere, dedicating their free time to their passion.

In the short term, Lin aspires to cement the league’s stability, ensuring regular league seasons that grant players exposure and recognition. For the long term, his vision is to see every team supported by sponsors, enabling them to continue playing and ultimately earn a living from the sport.

While the league has secured sponsorship for its second season, Lin envisions deeper, long-term partnerships with brands. As the league’s footprint expands, sponsorships will play a pivotal role in driving growth, from increasing the number of teams to improving facilities and developing youth programmes.

Lin’s passion for basketball has evolved into a remarkable movement, one that is not only transforming the sport but also creating opportunities and shining a light on talents that might otherwise have remained in the shadows. As the league develops, Myanmar’s basketball will promise a future where it is not just a game but a beacon of unity, growth and inspiration.

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  1. This is an outstanding article!

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