Have you planned your weekend? If not, check our guide. We’ve got a BBQ buffet promotion, a horticultural festival and a party!

New things we have noted

This may be Junction City’s attempt at offering value-added street food and we’re appreciating it. Pop-up Market on level 4 of Junction City is where you can buy light yet filling delicacies such as crepe, toast, brownies and coffee.

Promotion we’re trying

Chatrium’s Come 5 Pay 4-weekend buffet dinner is a bargain. The BBQ buffet includes premium food from both land and sea. It’s available from 5-7 Aug. Read the details here.

Place we are revisiting

NooDi brought food as simple as sticky noodles to new heights. Now they’re running a new and only noodle shop near the Kyimyindaing night market. Besides sticky noodles, they’re also serving Chinatown-style street food.

No 65, Kyaunggyi Street, Kyimyindaing, Yangon
09 454166310
10am – 7pm

Event we will visit

Next week Build Your Own Co will be hosting a Plants and Flowers Festival to celebrate horticulture. Join a dozen shops, ask and share tips and buy new plants and pots for your garden.

8-14 August | Junction City Main Atrium

Experience we plan

Dust off your dancing shoes ‘coz we’ll be raving this Saturday! Uncaged with Muttiah Ashnim is a party at Level 2 where you can dance off the week’s stress.

Photo Credit: NooDi Facebook

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