Sint Oh Dan Street is a celebrity street famous for street food among the young and the old alike in Yangon. So let’s find out what we got there!

1Lama Mao Cai and Mala Xing Guo


Lama has been open for about 8 years but most people get to know it lately. Mao Cai is one of the dishes which is originally Chinese. It’s a mala bowl with various kinds of meats and vegetables. In my opinion, this is a budget-friendly shop as it costs Ks6,800 per 500 grams of vegetables and Ks9,800 per 500 grams of meats. The soup is kind of spicy but it’s still quite good for me personally so I give it 9/10. Since I was there on Saturday, the shop was so busy and I had to wait a long queue.

Sint Oh Dan Street (Upper Block), Latha Township, Yangon.
09 764249082, 09 750072761

2HOLA – Takoyaki

Takoyaki is one of the Japanese snacks made of minced octopus mixed in the batter, corn and other vegetables and fried. HOLA – Takoyaki is famous for its soft and delicate texture and the octopus inside is big enough. It only costs Ks2,000 for 6 pieces.

Sint Oh Dan Street (Upper Block), Latha Township, Yangon.

3Kaung Sein – Ice-cream

This ice-cream shop is next to HOLA-Takoyaki. A cup of ice-cream comes in two layers so you can choose any flavours and customize it to your liking. There are two options: ice-cream with a cup (Ks1,200) and ice-cream with a wafer (Ks1,400). I chose ice-cream with a cup so it only costs Ks1,200.

Sint Oh Dan Street (Upper Block), Latha Township, Yangon.

4Ko San Shay – Pork Stick

Ko Shan Shay Pork Stick is really a good one to share! It’s a little bit expensive from my point of view but the taste is really so good!  Sticky rice inside the pork intestine is one of my favourites there. The price is 300 per one.

17th Street (Upper Block), Latha Township, Yangon.

There are also many shops selling seasonal fruits like this. As you walk along the road, you’ll feel the sweet scent of durian.

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