Thadingyut is the celebration of love and gratitude. People buy food and gifts for their elders, teachers and loved ones as a token of respect and love. If you’re looking for ideas to fix a hamper, this is the list for you. Stay safe and happy Thadingyut, everyone!

1Wave Desserts

Desserts too beautiful to eat. Their signature Millie Feuille are coated with vanilla cream. The crunchy base is really chewy and the vanilla so smooth! One bite and you can’t stop. It will cost you Ks9,000 for 6 pcs.

FB: Wavedesserts


They have Thadingyut Special Boxes with three flavoured mini cakes: Brownie, Berry with Burnt Cheesecake and Flowery Brownie. The box is complete with a handcrafted postcard to express your love and gratitude to your loved ones. A 9-piece box is Ks18,000.

FB: Cravery


This bakery specialises in French pastries. Their Thadingyut special is madeleine with 10 flavours. The prices are Ks10,000 for 6 pcs and Ks15,000 for 10.  

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4My Taste by THAE

Brought to you by one of the most famous celebrities in Myanmar, Zin Thae Naing, the cakes reflect the creativity and stylishness she embodies. The little plant pot in the photo, for example, is in fact a chocolate mousse cake. You can enjoy it for just Ks3,500!

FB: My Taste by THAE

5The Cookie Jar

Older people can munch it with afternoon tea. You can treat it to your kids as well. Who doesn’t love cookies? They have 4 flavours each under Classic and Premium. The prices begin at Ks8,400 for 6 pcs with 3 flavours.

FB: The Cookie Jar

6Dirty Little Secret

Indulge yourself and loved ones with these cupcakes while Thadingyut Hamper Promotion is still on. Each hamper includes 6 cupcakes, 1 dessert loaf and 1 cookie bag for Ks45,000.

FB: Dirty Little Secret

7Cake & Bake

If you want something simple and timeless, this is for you. The beautifully decorated cakes are ideal for showing respect to your elders. A 7-in cake is priced at Ks15,000. Don’t forget to try their burnt cheesecake!

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