At the first glance, you might think this picture is out of some comic book. But, in fact, it’s the interior design of a soon-to-be-open bubble tea shop, Where am I?, in Mandalay.

We talked with the artist behind the shop, Naing Myo Wae, about his work and inspirations.

The Mandalay-based artist began painting since 10 years old. In the early days of his career, he specialised in realism. His taste for lifelike artworks developed when he started making three-dimensional signage for his clients.

“We use spray guns to create 3D letters on sign boards for commercial purposes. I was excited by the results and studied this style.”

Based on what he learnt from his first teacher Taing Kyaw, he expands his 3D art knowledge online.

”Some 3D paintings are visible only from a certain angle or perspective. So you have to calculate the distance you observe your work and the dimensions of the figures. Sometimes, 3D paintings look the best in photos.”

Among his high-profile projects are Yangon Zoo wall paintings, Myoma Thingyan White Swan vehicle in Mandalay, and frescoes at the Death Railway station connecting Myanmar and Thailand.

He also produces portraits and landmark paintings. Besides commission works, he creates arts for himself in spare time.

Naing Myo Wae welcomes every art enthusiast who seeks for his advice.

The attached are some of his works. Follow him on Facebook at Art Naing Myo Wae for more.

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