As an expat moving around between different countries it can become increasingly burdensome as you start collecting things, and different countries have different rules. In Myanmar expats normally tend to stay from 6 months to three years…. We sat down with Marc Guyonnaud to get his insights on how to make the moving in and out smoother.

Myanmore : Moving can be complicated, what do you suggest to avoid headaches?

Marc Guyonnaud : Everything is in the preparation.

I recommend to contact us at least 2 months before the requested moving date.

You have to consider all the preparation locally for the packing, the custom clearance… in May, June and July our planning is very tight and to book your packing dates in advance is important, but you also must anticipate the import process at destination.

All countries have different rules, you must sometimes wait 3 months to get your visa, in some countries you cannot import some specific items then you must be prepared. AGS will of course explain all this when we will provide a quotation but the sooner you know this, the more time you have to get organized.

Myanmore : Moving can be pricey, especially with less packages being offered these days. How can someone save money and still make sure that everything will arrive safe and sound at their new home?

Marc Guyonnaud : Moves are charged by volume, then the best way to reduce the price is to sort out your items before you move, what to take and what to leave behind.

The upside of choosing a professional mover is that we are very good at understanding exactly what costs will be involved, so what we quote you will be very close to the final invoice. There are a lot of steps involved in a move, which an inexperienced mover might not be aware of, or might not want to reveal. For example, in some countries, the port charges are very expensive or an intensive inspection of the container is mandatory, where there might be some unexpected costs for an unprofessional movers, we know what to check for, and therefore can be more responsible to our clients.

Myanmore : Any recommendations for our readers about to move?

Marc Guyonnaud : Well, this is obvious that most of the people moving will chose their company based on the price.

As mentioned earlier, they should be careful when they receive more than one quotation if the difference in price is important, that means most of the time that the service is not the same and probably one quotation will include costs that others did not take into consideration.

As well, working with an international mover with a large network is important. With 141 locations in 95 countries AGS can offer most of the time an in house door to door service with AGS at origin and AGS at destination. This makes communication a lot easier and allow us to avoid problems faced by others.

Finally, with around 70,000 moves done per year by the AGS group, when sending a shipment in a country where we do not have our own branch, we use partners with whom we have long term business relationship and to whom the group is sending hundreds of customers each year. We do not select our partners based on the price offered but based on the service quality.



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