Korean art troupe bring renowned show to Yangon

Dancers perform at the Korean Music Festival in Yangon. (Photos by Justin Jeon)

In an eclectic explosion of colors and sounds, the Korean Traditional Music Association staged its first ever performance in Yangon.

Organized by the Korean Association in Myanmar, the show at the National Theatre of Yangon on September 15 was played to a packed room.

Talented musicians and actors worked their way through a mix of genres, including old court and aristocratic music, love songs, and Korean B-Boys and tap dance.

The event marked Korea’s harvest festival Chuseok and showcases high-energy drumming, singing, and dancing—some of which is related to shaman rituals and called salpuri.

Performers of nongak, or Korean folk music, leapt around the stage in vibrant costumes, replicating performances that are designed to appease gods, chase away evil spirits, and produce a rich harvest.

The choreography, masks, outfits, dances, and acrobatics, including plate spinning, each represented a different rural part of Korea. Lee Sang-hwa, the Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Myanmar, said, “In recent years, Korean dramas and K-Pop have become very popular in Myanmar, which have contributed to expanding the scope of understanding and cooperation between the two countries.

“But I would like to emphasize that we Koreans hold pride in our traditional music and culture as well. I believe that our traditional music and culture will be another driving forces in sustaining the strong current of the Korean Wave’, just as the Korean traditional dance performance held in June was successfully performed in three major cities in Myanmar.”





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