YBS-4 (Yuzana Garden City-30th Street)
YBS-7 (Taung Dagon (70/72) – Sule Garden)
YBS-8 (Thein Chaung Street – Latha)
YBS-10 (Dagon University – Tine Yin Thar Kyay Ywar)
YBS-11 (Saut Lote Yae Road – Aung Mingalar Highway)
YBS-17 (Aung Mingalar Highway – Dagon Aye Yar Highway)
YBS-29 (Dagon University – Sule Township)
YBS-40 (Hlawga – Tha Khin Mya Park)
YBS-84 (49 Gate -78th Road)


YBS-37 (Htauk Kyant – Chauk Htat Office)
YBS-87 (Dagon University – Sule City Hall)
YBS-89 (Thaketa – Kyi Myint Daing)

Trans Link Co.Ltd

YBS-27 (Yangon Psychiatric Health Hospital – Mingalar Market)
YBS-76 (East Side University (Thanlyin)– Sett Muu Thit)

BDL Co.Ltd

YBS-12 (50th Turn – Sule City Hall)
YBS-14 (Parami – Tha Khin Mya Garden)
YBS-38 (Parami – Thiri Mingalar Market)
YBS-25 (Dagon University – Bokalay Market)
YBS-30 (Dagon University – Tha Khin Mya Garden)

Power-11 Co.Ltd

YBS-21 (West Technology University – Mawtin)
YBS-22 (West Technology University – Tha Khin Mya Garden)
YBS-39 (Shwe Pyi Thar(Lane Gone) – Mawtin)
YBS-41 (Hmaw Bi Market – Tha Khin Mya Park)


YBS-6 (South Dagon (Taung Dagon)) – Dagon Aye Yar Highway Bus Station)
YBS-19 (Shwe Pauk Kan – Tha Khin Mya Garden)
YBS-39 (Computer University (No. (3) Road) – Mawtin)
YBS-57 (Tha Khin Mya Garden – Tha Khin Mya Garden)
YBS-60 (South Dagon (Taung Dagon)– Thiri Mingarlar Market)
YBS-23 (West Side University – Tha Khin Mya Garden)
YBS-40 (Shwe Pyi Thar- Tha Khin Mya Garden)

Golden Southern Transport Public Co.Ltd

YBS-32(Myanmar Maritime University(Yae Kyaung University) – Kha Yay Yeik Mon Housing)
YBS-33 (Kyauk Tan – Yangon Workers’ Hospital)
YBS-34 (Ka Yan – 50th Street)
YBS-70 (Thanlyin Technological University – Botahtaung Pagoda)

*YBS-32,33,34,70 will only operate on the first day of Thingyan.

YBS-90 (Hu Kan – Thiri Mingalar Market) – City Bus
YBS -90 (Hu Kan – Thiri Mingalar Market) – Mini Bus

The YBS-90 City Bus will only run on the first day of Thingyan.
The YBS-90 Mini Bus will run on all four days of Thingyan.

YBS-15 (Dagon Myauk – Tha Mine Intersection)
YBS-18 (Kha Yay Pin Branch Road – Bay Li)
YBS-21 (West Side University – Mahar Bandoola Road)
YBS-35 (Htaut Kyant – Pale Myo Thit)
YBS-52 (Htan Ta Bin – Bahosi)
YBS-53 (Shwe Lin Ban Intersection – Shwe Lin Ban Intersection)
YBS-54 (Botahtaung Pagoda – 89th Gate)
YBS-61 (West Side Technology University – Sule City Hall)
YBS-68 (Shwe Pyi Thar – Shwe Pyi Thar Aut Seit)
YBS-69 (Dagon Highway – No. (2) Road)
YBS-75 (Kyimyindine – Thuwanna Pagoda)


YBS-44 (Hlegu Market Front – 8 Miles)
YBS-66 (Aung Mingalar Highway – 133 Ward)
YBS-67 (Nyaung Ywar – Nyaung Ywar)
YBS-71 (Thayat Pin Chaung – San Pya Zay)
YBS-74 (Dagon Aye Yar Highway – Shwepyithar)
YBS-77 (Myinhlaegate- U Thaung Bo)
YBS-79 (Linsdaung – West University)
YBS-91 (Tike Kyi – No 3 Junction)
YBS-45 (Hmawbi Market – Baho Yone)

*YBS-45 will only run till the 3rd day of Thingyan.
*YBS-63 will run daily until 5 PM in the evening.

There will only be 20-30% of these buses running during Thingyan.

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