Interior of Nourish Cafe.

The first ever winner of the MYANMORE Green award was Nourish café, for their strategic approach to prioritizing the sustainable and ethical use of resources. Owners Jojo Yang and Jerome Sterckh were made up with their award and Jojo told Myanmore, “The idea of veganism has not really caught on [here] so we feel so honored that they recognize that veganism is a really big route to environmental sustainability.”

This is the first year that this award has been included in the Myanmore Dining and Nightlife Awards, and is the one that we are most excited about. The judges were unanimous in their agreement that this award should be presented to Nourish café for their strategic approach to prioritising the sustainable and ethical use of resources. Nourish are a business that all members of the industry can look up to as ambassadors of protecting the environment and it is hoped that in collaboration with Myanmore they will continue to support the collective drive towards utilizing more environmentally friendly business practices in the dinning and nightlife industry in Myanmar.

Nourish Cafe was conceived together with the opening of the downtown branch of Yangon Yoga House, as a way to bring a more holistic approach to wellness through physical movement and healthy eating habits. Nourish Cafe is more than just a restaurant, but also a space for the yoga and health community in Yangon to connect.

Nourish Cafe uses recycled brown paper bags, corn biodegradable cutlery and boxes and sources produce from local sustainability-focused companies like Sharkys, Fresco and Green Grocer.

They are committed to educating the Yangon community about how every individual can make decisions that will create a positive impact on the environment and have plans to hold workshops, events and film screenings to raise awareness of how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint.

Nourish Cafe has plans to work with other local businesses on a RECYCLE RANGOON initiative to create “water filling stations” that will minimize the use of plastic water bottles. Local establishments will sell a reusable, high-quality water bottle that can be filled up for free at any participating restaurant with a water filling station. The proceeds from the sale of water bottles will be donated to TRASH HERO Myanmar to contribute towards their continued efforts.

Congratulations to Tammi Willis, Jojo Yang, Jerome Sterckx, Regina Woodard and the whole team at Nourish Café. We look forward to working with you in 2018 and in the years to come in the promotion of sustainable and ethical business practices in the dining and nightlife industry in Myanmar.

Owners Jojo Yang and Jerome Sterckx.

Other venues nominated for this award that are to be commended for their efforts to promote a more environmentally sustainable way of conducting business include: Rose Garden Hotel, Chatrium Hotel, Sharky’s, Sprouts and Union Bar and Grill / 57 Below group.

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