Amara Communications launches new 4G+ data service


Myanmar’s Amara Communications has launched the brand campaign for its upcoming 4G+ data service, ananda.

Beginning on Feb 7, the ananda logo can be seen on billboards around the city of Yangon, as well as online on and

Featuring a mobius strip design in three shades of green, the ananda logo portrays an infinity loop reflecting the word ananda, which means infinity in Pali.

As part of the campaign, ananda will open its very first infinity hub at the 2018 Full Moon Party Live in Yangon on Saturday, 10 February at One Entertainment Park.

Visitors to the ananda infinity hub will enjoy immersive music and digital entertainment experiences, and can sign up for exclusive pre-launch updates and offers. ananda is scheduled for commercial service launch during the latter part of the first quarter of 2018.


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