Crowds have been flocking to trendy downtown bazaar Urban 86 since it launched in December. Opened from 10am until late from Tuesday to Sunday, the indoor market has enough local and international food stalls to satisfy the fussiest eater. But which are really worth your money?

Tuk Tuk has become one of the most popular stalls, with a range of light and authentic Thai salads including papaya, cucumber, long bean, rice noodle, corn and pork.

Tastry faces 48 Street, it’s delicious aroma of spices pulling in passers-by. It’s the only Indian food stall in the market, but fortunately they serve quality paneers, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, tangdi kabab, samosas, chapathi and more.

Representing Chinese and Taiwanese food are three main players: Imperial Garden, franchised from a Cantonese restaurant started by Hong Kong chef Paul Wong that serves good Taiwanese chicken rice, Shwe Wang, a spicy option that serves Mala noodles, chicken wings, and pork meals, and finally, Chinese barbecue I Love BBQ, serving reasonably-priced lamb, chicken wings, fish, squid and more.

Big Bite

Big Bite — a well-known brand in Myanmar—has Malaysian noodles, fried rice, spring rolls, chicken satay and French fries.

Some of the best Myanmar food includes Xian, a traditional Shan food stall serving potato rice salad with minced pork fermented in rice, Shan noodles, and rice salad.

Pa Phaung

There is also Pa Phaung, originally a Sanchaung joint which has finally brought its signature grilled fish downtown. Plus a special shout out to the Kachin food stall, which serves ‘spicy chicken gruel’ that tastes better than it sounds, and the Vietnamese stall, where one can slurp pho that would pass the test of any vendor in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dessert & Drinks

Cha Thai

Cha Thai

The biggest Thai tea brand in Thailand already has four branches in Yangon—the latest one here and featuring their signature milk teas, smoothies and juices.

The Lafes

A lovely coffee place decorated with artificial turfs and green color everywhere for a peaceful vibe while you’re drinking coffee. They serve tea, juices, smoothies and other snacks.

The Juice Bar

Looking for a fresh juice? Wanna try out a combination of fruits? The Juice Bar is the right place for you.

Corn Heyn

A great spot for snacking and beer drinking, Corn Heyn is a Japanese place boasting an array of corns (sweet or sour, up to you).

Myanmar Beer

After all that grazing on the stalls, you’ll need to chill with a beer. Urban 86’s only beverage beer, Myanmar Premium is waiting for you in a sit-down area near a stage where musicians often play. You can order with draught glasses or a tower of beer for you and your friends.

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