Photos by Rasmus Steijner.

In a bid to establish Myanmar’s very own signature pizza, Parami Pizza in Yangon has asked people to suggest their dream topping.

Diners shared their ideas online and the restaurant picked five, based on Facebook likes and chefs’ input. Each topping is available for a month and the most popular will form part of Parami’s new menu.

The Myanmore team conducted a little taste test for the good of its readers. Parami—run by hospitality management company 57Below—has these five to choose from:

Shan style.

Shan Style, including Shan sausage, leeks and tofu paste (Kyaw Htin Thar)

Myanmore: This one sounds the best on paper and performs well. Leeks are a heroic pizza topping, especially combined with flavorful sausage and tofu paste. The sweetness of the capsicum and Shan spices finished the overall taste, a taste that was somewhat reminiscent of a bowl of Shan noodles. Not sure if that was the intention, but either way a good result.


Tandoori chicken.

Tandoori Chicken (Myat Zabal K)

Myanmore: Aptly described as “like dipping cheese nan into curry sauce.” Who wouldn’t like that? It’s not the fiery red tandoori you would imagine but it has delightful curried chicken. Curry hearts bread and pizza is kind of like bread and we heart this forever. Our favorite.



Mala, including mala sauce and noodles (Hsu Myat Thet)

Myanmore: Kind of glass noodles and fishballs with a bouncy texture on, uh, pizza. But it’s interesting, spicy and will probably work for a lot people. Others may be reminded of the sachets from instant noodles.

Spicy octopus.

Spicy Octopus (Cho Cho)

Myanmore: Who knew octopus would go so well on a pizza, like a fishy chewy mushroom. Could this be the surprise winner?


Sour and spicy chicken.

Sour and spicy chicken (Aung Moe Thu)

Myanmore: At this point all pallets were enveloped by a doughy, spicy haze and could no longer be trusted to differentiate between pizzas. No complaints for sour and spicy chicken though—it disappeared within seconds.

These culinary adventures cost 12,000 kyats plus tax and service. Buy one get one free available Monday-Friday from 11am-10pm.


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