Nara Thai is basically a collection of all the best Thai street food, taking it several notches higher with quality ingredients, luxurious interiors, and efficient service.

The menu was a pleasant trip around the country, showing dishes from Bangkok, Isan, Central, Northern, and Southern Thailand.

All dishes came out at once, following Thai culture, but what first stood out was the Blue Butterfly Pea Fried Rice (Khao Phad Samunprai, 5,900 ks), a Nara Signature. It was a visual treat, but the blue flower extract did not influence the taste. We had coconut rice too, which was conversely visually plain, but so tasty that you can have it alone.

The Fried Sea Bass with Fish Sauce (Pla Ka Phong Tord Nam Pla, 14,900 ks) was slow-grilled so that it gave a pleasing crunch as I pierced through its skin, revealing perfectly tender meat underneath. It was the star dish on that table, every part of it was delicious.

The Nara Spring Rolls (Poe Pia Nara, 5,900 ks) looked like sticks and it was a satisfying snackable in between. Of course, we also had the Tom Yum Goong with River Prawns (9,900 ks). The bold orange color made me nervous, but it was actually a kind of spicy and sweet that can handle and even thoroughly enjoy! The prawns were cooked perfectly, making it easy to peel and eat whole. Our bowls were squeaky clean in the end.

We then ended with some Durian Ice Cream with Sticky Rice (4,000 ks)—more rice! After gladly taking another rest, we left the restaurant with plans to return, because we barely got through the thick menu and the manager promised even more service improvements to come as the strive to achieve fine dining status.

Wide parking space is available. Table reservations are encouraged, as the place gets fully booked on weekends and weeknights.

Address:  No.(1) ,Kan Yeikthar Street, Mayangone Township

Opening Hours: 10:30 am to 10:30 pm

Phone: 09 777 151222


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