Located inside The Loft Hotel, in the busy Yaw Min Gyi Street, Alex ’s is a fusion restaurant that expertly combines Western and Asian influences, originating unique creations you will not find anywhere else.

Ahead of Alex ‘s kitchen is French Chef Romain Baqué, who has 16 years of experience, is determined to make an impression on the city’s gastronomic route.

Cooking from an open kitchen, it is part of the experience to observe Romain in the creation of every course, followed by the attentive eyes of every single one in the kitchen staff. “Alex’s has been a great opportunity to teach eager-to-learn local gastronomy students the french cuisine techniques and innuendos”, says the Chef.

The interior of the restaurant matches the Loft Hotel’s color palette: black, white and red, and presents a chic, yet mellow ambience. With décor lamps and statuettes brought in from neighbouring countries such as Hong Kong and Thailand, and oriental music selection, in Alex’s you will have the opportunity to experience a journey across Asian influences through your mouth, eyes and ears.

In order to prepare you for the meal, the Chef brings over an amuse-bouche, or a “mouth amuser”, in English, followed by homemade crispy Ciabatta bread right out of the oven.

As starters, we ordered the traditional Warm Goat Cheese Salad (13US$), featuring high-quality cheese imported directly from France, attentively paired with apple confit, caramelized nuts and mustard dressing – an interesting mix of sweet, salty and a touch of sour.

The showstopper, nevertheless, was the Foie Gras (24U$S): pan seared duck liver, served with cherry chutney, red wine truffle sauce and homemade brioche. The Foie is presented whole, in a very generous serving, with a rich, buttery flavor – very well complemented by the acidity present in the choice of sauce and chutney.

For mains, we tried the Duck Breast (18U$S) and the Sweet potato, mango chutney, green curry sauce and lotus chips ravioli (11U$S). Stuffed with Parma ham, the duck breast was accompanied by lumpy mashed potatoes and poultry sauce, and featured a perfectly thin layer of fat between the crunchy skin and the meat itself, indicating the duck was cooked to perfection. The Ravioli was a great surprise, with the bitterness of the mango chutney acting as a great counterpart to the dulcet pasta and sweet potato, leaving a very zesty aftertaste. The unique choice and combination of ingredients – the European influence present in the pasta, challenged by the ever-so-asian green curry sauce wins Alex`s the award of a truly fusion cuisine. A must-try!

Our chosen deserts were the Tarte Tatin (6.5U$S), beautifully presented and very soft and juicy, as well as the Coeur Coulant, or Chocolate Lava Cake (6U$S), a lush, full-bodied piece of chocolate heaven.

Once the rainy season is over, Alex’s garden will be opened with sofas and live music, perfect for a good time with friends. Alex’s also offers great deals on set menus, it costs $10.50 (2 course), $12.50 (3 course),respectively. Come to Alex`s and experience bold flavour combinations where East meets West.

Address: No. 33, Yaw min Gyi Street, Yangon 11191

Phone: 01 386 646

Opening Hours: 6:30AM – 10:00PM
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