Seated in a dimly lit area with a beautiful view of the Sedona hotel swimming pool outside along with international live music, we were first served a fine selection of bread and an interesting drink which is popcorn submerged in rice water—odd, but surprisingly refreshing.

We started the set on a high note, with fresh oysters paired white wine, Pinot Grigio—the smell of the wine immediately grabs attention, as if asking for 100% of your senses for the forthcoming meal. It was a fruit-driven and fresh partner for an equally fresh dish. The acidity of the wine, replacing the usual lemons, complements the saltiness of the oysters. It was unfortunate that the oysters were only a starter and only two pieces were served, but the following dishes took away that longing.

Next on the menu was the Wild Mushroom Cannelloni paired with Soave, this white wine has a medium body that is meant to go well with the creaminess of the pasta.

The Roasted Angus Tenderloin was a perfect medium rare. Chef Edmund Ng added a lot of spices to cater to local taste. The tenderly cooked beef was paired with the smooth tanning of the Santa Cristina red wine. The Gorgonzola Cheese was very simple and straightforward. It had a thoughtful side of strawberry brioche for those who don’t like the sharpness of the blue cheese on its own.

Last but not the least, the White and Mango Mousse. A notable feature of this dessert is the unusual ingredients like basil oil and chili. Chef Ng mentioned that he wanted to give everyone Italian food with a twist. Another thoughtful side was the meringue for people who are used to dessert being sweet.

Orzo is worth a try despite the price tag of $42. You’re not only paying for the top quality of the ingredients used, but also the work and expertise put into designing and pairing, the visual treat of each dish, the ambience set, the professionalism of the servers, and the stories you’ll tell your friends afterwards.

Chef Edmund Ng has been an executive chef at Sedona Hotel for 3 months and creating this menu, this culinary experience, was high on his agenda. The Sip & Savor at Orzo should be high on yours, too.

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