The first thought that came to my mind the moment I took a bite of one of the sausage from Serious Sausage was: “I am never going to find this taste elsewhere.”

This Mexican-Australian fast food cuisine is homemade, gluten free, organic and no chemical; you rarely find that in Yangon. Try their signature menu: Chili Dog, and you coming back for more.

All the sausages here are not greasy or salty. Most sausages I’ve tried has made me feel unhealthy, oily and made me crave water after the meal, but the sausages here was not the case. I was very surprised that they were able to produce such quality product with local ingredients. I’m truly proud that a local restaurant is serving quality food with quite a reasonable price.

The inside is rather homely; you will see brick walls with a splash of milk color, and you can watch the display of the cooks doing their magic in the kitchen through the glass as you wait for your order.

We tried the Chilly Dog (4,500MMK). This one was, no doubt, the winner. The taste of the chili sauce that was mixed into the meat for six to seven hours definitely proved its superiority. Also, the meat with the homemade pickles (cucumbers and jalapenos), creates a well-balanced flavor.

The Gravy Pack with Pork (4,000MMK) was our next favorite. This dish is mostly directed for customers who don’t like to eat meat. It includes chips, and sausages topped with chili sauce, gravy and nacho cheese. The nacho cheese is the perfect dip for the chips. Again, they were not excessively greasy at all.

Now, the next dish we tried was unique. I have never tried it before. It’s called Sausage Palata (4,000MMK). This one has a sausage wrapped in Palata and the inside is filled with homemade pickles. I recommend this as travel food. It tastes best when you’re holding it in your hands and biting it off as you go out and about.

The last dish we tried was Crazy Pita (4,500MMK). It may look like there’s burger meat inside but unlike a burger it is filled with many sausage patties, barbeque sauce, mayonnaise, and chili sauce, creating the right flavor every bite. For drinks, we ordered Raspberry Juice and Ice Lemon Tea. Although the drinks menu is quite limited, they made a refreshing combination with the fast food.

Overall, Serious Sausage gives a good name to fast food. All fast food lovers have to try the sausages here at least once.

Address: 35(B) Golden Valley St, (2) Quarter, Yangon

Phone: 09 971 668580

Open: 10:00AM – 8:00PM (Closed Monday)

Services: Free Delivery (for Golden Valley Area), Takeaways, Bookings, Parties.


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