From the outside, you might see Kafe In Town as a high-end expensive café, but just one visit and it will get you coming back because of its comfortable space with high quality food and outrageously reasonable price.

This café opened a month ago, but it seems to have already acquired a few loyal customers. Uniquely, this cafe gives a combination of vintage-modern vibe; the inside is bright with neon bulbs hanging from above, but the overall colors on the walls, pillows, and chairs all combined to black and white zebra stripes, with a splash of punch pink.

Kafe in Town prides itself in their good quality food; almost all of which are imported from Thailand, even sugar, family coffee beans, sauces, and even chefs are from Thailand. From the décor, I had expected the cafe to serve only Western food, but I was mistaken.

The menu was also filled with Vietnamese, Thai, Laos and Shan food; which, of course, I would never complain.

The Vietnamese appetizer: Khao-Griab-Pak-Mo (2,000MMK) came first. The perfectly marinated pork stays cocooned inside a soft mixture of rice powder and glutinous rice. It was topped with a slice of flat sausage and sprinkles of fried garlic, which compliments well with the sweet and sour sauce. Even before we finished chewing the first piece, our chopsticks were already reaching for the second piece; it was absolutely addictive.

Then came the popular Khao-Soi (3,000MMK), I thought this was a dish from other Asian countries, but it was actually Burmese-Shan Style Noodles. I really couldn’t tell! The texture of the noodles felt like I was chewing on longer, and thinner, but softer white tapioca pearls, and the taste of the sauce with the noodles? –Absolutely rich. Moreover, the Burmese homegrown chicken cooked very tender unlike the meaty, but tasteless industrial chicken.

Other than the food, there were also myriads of options to choose from the drink menu including: Coffee, Tea, Healthy Drinks, Mock tails, Ice-Blended and Signature drinks. We were suggested to try the Mocha (3,000MMK) and Latte (3,000MMK).

I liked the milky flavor in the Latte and the light chocolate flavor in the Mocha. Later came our favorite part of the meal: dessert! There was an evident coffee smell in Tiramisu (3,500MMK) and the texture of the dessert was moist and taste best when I let it stay on my palate for a while before downing it. Also, do you know Tiramisu means “cheer me up” in Italian? Not only did it cheer me up, a good amount of caffeine in the dessert also woke me up from a tiring work day.

Kafe In Town adopted the concept of ‘constant change’. Once in a while, they arrange their chairs and decoration, and they are always creating new menus for their customers to avoid the same jaded menu.

It also does catering, parties and events, and this, is just a soft opening! This café definitely sounds promising in providing the best affordable place to chill fancy in Yangon.

Enjoy the contemporary themed bright wide-open high-ceiling space, and get the all day breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, both western and eastern affordable cuisine any day, and anytime, at Kafe In Town.

(Fun Fact about Kafe In Town: It was partly named after Kafe In Town’s dessert maker –Town from Thailand).

WIFI: Provided

Service: Friendly, Helpful, Smiling waiters/waitresses.

Car Parking: Best to come at night for available parking space.

Address: No. 542. The Corner of Pansodan Road & Merchant Road, Kyautada Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Phone: 09 781 888 838
Opening Hours: 7:30AM – 11PM (Closed Sundays)


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