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What It Is – If you’ve lived in Asia, you’ve probably had your fill of hotpot… several times. Yangon has its fair share of places offering a wide variety of ingredients cooked in their signature version of steaming hot soup. So while Shwe Mate with its concept of spicy Thai hotpot is nothing new in town, there are a couple of reasons that make it worthwhile to particularly choose this option. 

Atmosphere – The clean and modern the restaurant is on display for the neighborhood with a wall dedicated to window. Shwe Mate advertises in Burmese so there’s less expats here compared to Yaw Min Gyi hotpot competitors. Standard furniture, the friendly staff make an effort so you feel welcome. 

Recommendations – The evening started with 2 appetizers: Sour spare ribs and ham & cheese spring rolls. Both dishes were tasty and well crafted, especially the spare ribs had a nicely balanced sour-savory marinade. What made the dishes less suitable as an appetizer for us, was the fact that both were deep fried. We liked the taste, but were more reminded of a 5am after-party meal, rather than a light entry to a meal. shwe mate table spread

We ordered several items, meat, seafood and vegetables. The main distinction to our other hotpot experiences was that all the products looked very fresh, while in other hotpot places it shows that they have been sitting around for a while. The highlight was the local beef, which we actually only ordered to finish off before dessert, but we were very positively surprised. The meat was very juicy and marinated in a delicious sesame-based sauce. Definitely something that everyone should order and that justifies the trip to Shwe Mate. The Australian beef also looked very premium, but we might have cooked it a bit too long, which made it a bit dry. We also liked the chicken meatballs, which stood out by having the meat be the strongest taste component, while elsewhere they typically taste like many other things apart from chicken. All the other items were standard for a hotpot meal, but again won us over with their freshness.

Shwe Mate_beef_review
Raw beef looking fresh

The soup and sauces are undoubtedly the most distinguishing elements of hotpot places. Shwe Mate offers 2 types of soups – their special house soup and a spicy Tom Yum Soup. The house soup goes very well with all the ingredients, not having a too strong taste, but still adding delicious flavor to all items. The Tom Yum soup is also very tasty and extremely spicy, even for trained, native Southeast Asian palates, so try it with caution.
Along with the soup, we were served with 3 types of sauces: A Shwe Mate peanut-based spicy sauce, original Thai hot and bean curd- based sauces. As can be expected in a Thai style place, all 3 sauces are rather spicy. We liked the peanut-based sauce best, which went especially well with the meats. 

As dessert we had a brownie with vanilla ice creams. The brownie was a bit too sweet for us after a relatively heavy meal, however, it provided a nice finish for our evening.

Shwe Mate also offers original Thai Ice Milk Tea and Ice Green Tea which are otherwise hard to find in Yangon.

Final Thoughts – While Shwe Mate is not the fanciest new Yangon restaurant, it is a good option for a casual dinner or lunch frequently mainly by a local crowd. The service is quick and good, prices are very reasonable. 


Shin Saw Pu Yangon Yangon Region 11111 MM

Shwe Mate Hot Pot and Restaurant is a Thai style hot pot restaurant serving our own recipe with various items to choose. It also serves appetizers and grilled food to add better appetite to our customers.
Shwe Mate also has a rooftop bar on third floor wth a nice view.

Opening Hours
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Price Range
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