MYANMORE’s Guide To DVDs, Blu-Ray & All Things Movie

Written By Htun Lyn Zaw

Visual media is currency in Yangon. Perhaps not for those with a good wifi in their home, if you’re part of this demographic, feel free to stop reading. The majority of Yangonites who use coffee shop wifi and/or top-up cards for internet connection, streaming or downloading large files is too pricey to do. Many of these folks wait for a friend’s external hard drive to be passed around so they can participate in House of Cards discussions. But if you are simply looking for something for the next movie night with friends, you should browse one of the many DVD shops of Yangon.

With several different ways to ‘gather’ movies these days, the quality of the recordings are varied with no guarantees. A DVD costs around 1500 Ks per disc, you’ll be buying multiple discs if you plan on buying a complete season of a TV series. Some places will download shows directly to your hard drive for 50 Ks for every hour of content.

Besides being places to get movies, these shops also tend to be neat, well air-conditioned and popular hangouts for the Myanmar’s Gamer community. Without further to do, here is Htun Lyn Zaw’s (a.k.a Frankie) recommended spots.

Dong Jing

Latha Street (upper bloc), in front of the police station. Latha township, Yangon    

dong jing_interior1

This probably is the most famous DVD shop in Yangon, since it always has been the talk among young people if they want some new movies in the current box office or new TV shows. Located in the heart of Yangon, Upper Block of Latha Road, a crowd of people is always browsing through DVD shelves, tumbling over each other in this tiny apartment of a shop. Not only they keep updates on mid seasons of TV shows, they also have collections of old TV shows. The same goes for the movies, music videos, and anime series. If you want to buy DVDs of Friends reruns, CSI series, Dawn of Justice, or new Game of Thrones mid-season, this is the best place to go.


No. 178, 47th Street (Upper Block), Botahtaung Township

This shop definitely is a haven for film enthusiasts, and people with eccentric taste in movies. Most DVD shops in Yangon can only offer new movies that were big hits in the box office or Oscar winners. This shop has old but gold movies strewn all over the place. You can always ask the friendly shop owner or the staffs if you want to browse by directors, such as Staley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, or Richard Linklater’s movies. They will always try to find what you need. Since the shop contains a large section of DVD shelves, you can take your time and browse to your heart’s content.


No. 142, Sint Oh Dan st, Latha Township, Yangon


I always like to refer to this place as “Nerdvirna” because they not only have variety of DVDs but also items and toys concerning with superhero, pop culture, and comics. This undoubtedly a heaven for comic book fans, superhero enthusiast, and Star Wars geeks as they can browse a great collection of DVDs as well as window-shop the figurines of their favorite character. However, this probably will be one of the places you would regret taking your kids to, as they have action figures, superhero helmets, and Batman T Shirts lying around all over the place. Nonetheless, if you want to buy “Captain America (The Winter Soldier)” DVD and Captain America’s shirt before watching the Civil War on cinema, this is the place I would recommend.

Sweetie DVDs

Padonma Street, (near Knoe Htet Sanchaung)

Just a few blocks away from Myay Ne Gone traffic lights, this shop is always filled with customers browsing away till they are satisfied. This place not only has movies and TV shows but also DVDs of live shows and music videos. Aside from this, it has a large collection of Blu Ray discs of new movies. The prices of the discs here range from 500 Kyats to 3500 kyats. In addition, a friendly staff are can help you navigate for a specific movie.

MMOtaku Data Library

No.36 (Ground Floor ), 19th Street, Latha Township, Yangon


This up and coming data shop is a revolution in DVD industry in Yangon as it started selling TV shows and movies with data transferring basis. It was established by anime enthusiasts’ organization MMOtuku, which always do annual Cosplay festivals. Locating near China Town of Yangon, 19th street upper block, the shop is always crowded with costumers browsing the catalogs. Since it is always crowded, you might also have to leave your hard disk for a while. This shop probably is the perfect shop for anime fans and TV show fans since they keep updates on every TV shows and Anime series. They are also always active on their Facebook page, keeping in touch with its costumers’ favorite movies and TV series.  You can always ask them on their Facebook page whether they have the movies or TV shows you want. Subscribe to them in order to know about their monthly promotions and discounts

Honorable mentions

HD Movie Stores (Data Library)

Thit san khant computer service (in front of yangon post office) Bo Aung Kyaw Street (Lower Block), Botahtaung Township Yangon

Movie Maxtric (Data Library)

No.945, Kyait Wine Pagoda Road, Yangon

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