Sapporo Style – Ramen Bar (Japanese Noodles & Food)
By Vickie


A food haven for Japanese noodle lovers, the Ramen Bar is set in a cosy and tidy two-storey space, Unlike most Japanese restaurants currently in Yangon, which sell mainly sushi, this place focuses on serving authentic ramen dishes.


Although the restaurant occupies a small space, the owner clearly has an eye for design. From Japanese traditional decorative lights and props, to the traditional low eating tables, the restaurant gives out a cozy vibe, unmatched by any other Japanese eateries. It is almost like eating at your Japanese aunt’s house, if you have a Japanese aunt… I don’t,


Ramen noodles served at the restaurant were toothsome and chewy, with just the right firmness . My partner and I rated the  Miso Ramen (4000 Ks) and Chashu Ramen (6000 Ks), as our favourite –  ‘stunningly good’. the broth was rich and thick, but never too oily, allowing the other vegetables, nori, scallions, and chewy bamboo toppings to shine through. There is also a wide selection of non-ramen dishes on offer, such as rice and sides.

Appetisers like Kimchi, Inari (1500 Ks), Hiyashi Chuka(1000 Ks) and Pork Gyoza (2500-3000 Ks) were also stand-outs. The gyoza was one of better gyozas in I’ve eaten in town – cooked just right. The inside was vicious and the fried outside did not suffer from being too dry.

The Ika Ringu or Tempura squid (2500 Ks) is a stunner. Once inside your mouth, the taste of omelette rivals with the flavour of the crumbly squid, to create a melt-in-your-mouth level of texture. A real surprise!  We also tried the new ‘Cold Noodle’ dish now on offer. The noodles were perfectly cold and balanced, with fresh vegetables, bamboo and egg toppings, emphasising the subtler flavours. the cold noodle gives a clean feeling in the mouth that leaves you refreshed even in the hotter weather in Yangon. 

Final Thoughts

Ramen Bar happens to be one of the cleanest and nicest looking restaurants in town. Sesame seeds, shichimi peppers and chilli oils are provided for you at the table to adjust to your level of spiciness. Service is top-notch. As for price, it is cheaper than other Japanese restaurants. Ramen Bar is an instant recommendation.

Address: 17 A/ Kabar Aye Pagoda Road, Shwe Gone Daing, Bahan Township.

Opening hours: 11 am to 11 pm

Ph: 09788196631, 0973054628


Food: 7.5

Atmosphere: 9

Service: 8


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