Last Minute Thadingyut Gifts


During Thadingyut Time, we generally buy something to show the respects to the elder people as a tradition of Myanmar. It is not an easy task to choose what kind of product we should buy. Do not be perplexed anymore. Expecting the following tips will be beneficial for Smart Living us. 

Gift Hamper

It has been setting the priority to high. Saving times and we can buy a high variety of products within a limited budget. The first thing we have to consider is the quality and the latter is the expiry date.


Fruit Hamper

It is the current healthy living style and has been widely used for the reason of being healthy especially for the elder people and those whose take care of their health. However, we have to think about the expiry date, ripeness, family number and the amount how much they can consume. Personally designed Fruit Hamper is available at City Mart.


Gift Card

It is the sample method to choose. Different people have Different taste. That is why we try to give the credit as a present but some people are afraid of being misunderstood. The best solution for this case is Gift Card, which are available in every City Mart, Season Baking & Cake, City Care Health & Beauty Store, City Baby Club and City book Music. One more advantage is that there is no time limitation of card and prices are varied from 5,000 kyats to 1,000,000 kyats.


Special Thadingyut Gift Bag

Limited budget and last minute shopping, don’t worry. You have an option of ready-made gift bags. It is similar to the Gift hamper but It is smaller and comes with the Recycle Bag not with the basket.


Electronic Devices

Some common presents for your family member could be electric rice cookers, fruit makers, coffee maker, or even oven in which can be suitable for anyone in the family.


Home Goods

If you don’t want your gift to be wasted, home goods such as bed sheet, vase, or towel are also interesting choices so they will remember you every time they use it.


The most popular one in these days, clothes, are also one of the selections. Please pay attention to whether they will actually wear or not, what color you should buy and their preference.


In conclusion, another tip not mentioned above is to find out the Thadingyut promotion with extra products. You can also use up for your own and or as gift items.





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