Ippudo: “TV Champion Ramen Chef Winner” Restaurant Chain in Yangon


By Phone Depar Min

Opened on April 11th, Ippudo is the latest  Japanese Ramen restaurant in town on the fifth floor of Junction City Shopping Mall.

The restaurant is famous for its homey Fukuoka style Ramen. First set up by Mr.Kuwahara, three-time winner of Ramen Chef Competition by TV Champion program, in 1985 in the city of Fukuoka. Ippudo has proven to be a success, with 160 outlets in 14 countries and over 100 shops in Japan.

When asked why they decided to open up their very first branch in Myanmar, the reply was simple; the country’s a developing economy which means people would have more income and it is an opportunity for the franchise.

For appetizers, we had the Ippudo Handmade Gyoza (4,000 KS) ; 5 pairs of juicy dumplings that melted in the mouth and Spicy Boiled Gyoza (4,500 KS).

The pork soup is Ippudo’s pride. The tonkotsu broth is cooked for 18 hours and left to mature for 24 hours to extract the rich taste of the pork. Being the basis for its main dishes, the broth; is to die for.

The chain restaurant’s signature dish is the Shiromaru. The Shiromaru is a wondrous collection of tastes worthy enough to blow your socks off. Consisting of pork Ramen and the accompanying broth and meat, one soft-boiled egg, spring onions, and some seaweed to top it off, the Shiromaru is definitely a dish to fill one’s stomach!

If you are into spicy food, Karaka Tonokatsu, which is a spicier version of the Shiromaru, is your perfect choice. It also comes with seaweed, egg and the pork broth and with spicy mined pork cuts and loins. Being no less filling than the Shiromaru, it was very enjoyable.

All the Ramen dishes come into two sizes; standard and special. Prices range from 7,900 KS – 13,900 KS.

Dessert was a very simple match of two dishes; the Almond Jelly Noodles and the Rooibos Tea Pudding. The former is a soft, jelly-like dessert made out of sweet milk, agar and almond jelly. The Rooibos Pudding is of a creamy golden hue that salivated the mouth is a tea from Africa, with that delightful freshness helping to clear up the aftertaste of the Ramen broth.

One of the highlight of the restaurant in which we cannot leave out is the stunning outdoor view overlooking the Holy Trinity Cathedral Church and the Shwedagon Pagoda.


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