The Airlines In Terminal 1


Terminal 1 is the newest wing to a seasoned Yangon Airport that held around a dozen gates. The shiny addition not only brings Burger King and another Craft Cafe to the golden city, but new airlines as well, three of which were just introduced this past Friday, 12th of August 2016…..

Myanmar Airways International – The Yangon based airline moved to Terminal 1 yesterday. Most flights of this small airline go to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, but they also have direct flights to Guangzhou, China and Gaya, India.

Tiger Air – A Singapore based budget airline with prices a notch above Nok Air and Air Asia. This is a good site to check if flights out of Bangkok are too expensive, TigerAir has direct flight to major Asian cities out of Singapore.

Air China – This airline often has great deals from Yangon to Kunming. You should also check Air China for flights to the US with stops in Beijing. Don’t bother checking for flights to Bangkok or other Southeast Asian cities since all flights go through China first.

COMING UP: Singapore Airlines to open in Terminal 1 on 26th August 2016


Airlines Already Open In Terminal 1 

Myanmar Airlines

Air Asia

Emirates Airlines

Thai Lion Air

Bangkok Airways

Other Information on Terminal 1:

-You can get passport photos taken, for a fee, at the terminal for visas on arrival

-Visa overstays are processed in the same room as customs

-Whoppers at the new Burger King are USD $6 and only available once you’ve gone through security.



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