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For the past decade, our expanding and continually enhanced medical services has made SSC one of the leading multi-specialty private healthcare institutions in Yangon. Renowned for the affordability of its health services for both local and international patients alike, the core of our facility encompasses 200 spacious, well-furnished inpatient rooms, and 22 examination rooms designed for outpatient diagonsis and treatment in the scope of general internal medicine.


Dear Dr Myo Thu Ra,
I”m ma cho that called u 2 times yesterday. The thing is i left to tell u that we got a huge of inconvenient in ur hospital in 2021/Aug/20 – 2021/Sep/17. My dad patient name is U Thien @ U Maung Thien & room no(327). The case r followings;
1. Firstly, we arrived in emergency room on 2021/Aug/20. The thing is we already connect with dr tin moe wai cuz she is my sister-in-law friend so I figure out just take a few time but we waiting too long as 3 or 4 hrs in there & dad can’t stand cold so wanna get blanket or something on his head for cover. Actually, the emergency room is so busy. I knew it. Unbelievably, patient is asking & asking again & again but nobody gave us for something but one of dr also
asking to his helper as pillow till no more can it. Ok. Let it be. Later i saw a lot of staff infront of hospital. I just wanna say as in myanmar words
” luu myae pee pwae ma si “. SSC Hopital hire a lot of staffs. How can like that. I dare not to expect any special service for us just cover for my dad’s head for cover. It is so difficult to get in emergency on that time. How can? Ok. Let it be. Number one we got too cold in there but can’t get any cover & waiting for get room. Pls SSC hospital hire me as ur helper that case can’t be happen.
2. We got room nbr (327). Firstly, Male Nurse U Saw that he yell me that the aircon can’t up over 16 cuz of room temperature like that. U know Why not?? Infact, we can’t stand too cold & like more natural wind. I asking to him how about open the window. How do u think what is his answer on that time. His reply is can’t open cuz of winds r didn’t come in. My brain r thinking & thinking. Like a bubble.. Wow~~~~ How wonderful perfect answer in the world. Ok. Let it be. Number two. Just his words that we can’t get no more air in & out that case is i patient over 10 days in there & i’m too busy like a bees cuz of take care my dad what he needs & buy go out a lot days & aircon nbr can’t up over 16 problem. Later i find the way why not & try. Pls tell to him that don’t yell & raise his tone to any patient later on. How ridiculous. The most important thing i found out at the window crow fur & also outdow unite r a lot of cro’s bo & furs. That case can’t stand cuz of hospital. How can like that? So horrible case & so serious. It look like never clean means servicen. I saw in downtown some cover iron on the outdow unite. Someone feed to crow at 4 or 5th floor on the dead body room. As i know in London can’t feed to crow & if find out have to pay fine there. They r carry a lot of virus in animal as i know.
3. The bell for calling to infront desk counter for any help but it doesn’t work. Later they said just repair so that’s why. I just feel they all r kick us out & piss me off like that. It doesn’t make scene answer. U know i figure it out cuz of we r Dr Daw Tin Moe Wai friend or patient that she doesn’t have any powder or Jealous us cuz of we r Dr Nan Khin Phone Tint patient just not SSC Dr look b4. I can feel SSC MO r not enough to good us. As i know infront of MO r all the times on the paper & writting & talking a lot that they just follow what main doctor come in patient room. They come just one time in patient without main dr but just 5 minutes. I already told to Dr Myo Thu Ra what happen that MO Dr Daw Ohn Mar said to me. She’s too funny & took my sister-in-law help 3 of Y connection for oxygen pipe for her relative that I didn’t hesitate if she asking & I tried to call to my sister-in-law immediately on that time. I’d like to suggestion for SSC MO if patient discharged pls gave them all of documents including nurse aid writtening paper copy. It might be important how patient needs when they go back home & have to show the other Dr…. Cuz I called to 3rd floor infront of counter that soneone pick up as Nurse. I know she those document r already throw away like that but as u know Dr Pyoe is how nice & his answer is those document r have to be collect in maintain room. How disappointed. I gave a lot of fruits, curry, coconut & soap but nobody help me when i called that infront of counter what i need for dad document when i already discharged from hospital. It make me disappointed. In myanmar, i knew well now. They just think just like me person is so give trouble to them. Don’t know how to serve to their patient. I just feel that’s my problem that those r have to be collect by myself b4 from Nurse Aid & took picture. I did but not for all on that time. Ok, Let it be.
4. The enterance Door at room nbr 327 can’t open & close well so i let one carpenter repair that i saw one of company repair door for other room on that time there. But the door is fstill can’t well use. Actually the door can’t open case is non of my business but all of the people r talking how & why can’t. It make me so annoying. I’d like to suggestion for patient waiting bed have to be cover as it call screen for private. I don’t know why SSC Hospital didn’t improve still. Pls look hospital drama as china or korean. How to do decoration & aircon r not just outdoor unite . SSC Hospital aircon r have to be improve on wall celing aircon cuz room rate is collect from us like international fees as approaching like Pin Lon Hospital. Because i can’t accept that Dr Seint said repairing for bell, door & upper ceiling r fungus when i saw & sleep on bed at Number 327. Those r all excuse. SSC Hospital have been open too long time not coming out just in covid-19 decade. I just felt no valuable when we stay there what happen all on that time. Everybody r just look money didn’t take care well to patient. Especially bill as yellow colour that i saw one of plastic bag like a garbage. Every nurse r thorw in it. My sister-in-law already request to nurse that we bring from home some medicine have in white basket but all of nurse r buying & buying again & again nobody check if still have medicine or not. I know well those r hospital manner how to get money form us when we r busy & worry for patient in myanmar. How pitty case!!!!!! I told to nurse aid mr wai lin oo later that new medicine who put it in white basket r all gone. He nice & help me for bell case & crow furs case but one of nurse make a hint means doesn’t wanna help for it & cleaner said those crow furs can’t clean cuz patient still in room like that. Later i clean by myself when dad sleep that Mr Wai Thu saw it but he run away. I also told to him one week b4 & waiting & waiting cuz he said will transfer what i need to sister at infront of counter. They make a meeting every morning for all of case but i didn’t get any reply on that time so i come & see Dr Seint to tell what am i got annoying for all there when i almost go back to my sister home at pin lon. May be september 10 or round about.
5. SSC Hospital CT Room is look like garbage cuz i saw cartoon box r on the iron shelf when we go to there for dad.
To Be Continue ……..
Mtks & Brgds,

P.S. Pls give that letter to Dr Myo Thu Ra as Emergency b4 that he attend training class as control system for hospital from aboard. It make me disappointed. How can SSC Hospital like that???? May be he doesn’t have any assistant in there.

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