Rangoon Espa

Rangoon Espa is the ultimate retreat for holistic healing and restoring balance of the body , mind and soul . They offer guests a rejuvenating escape from the stresses of the modern world and take them on a luxuriously healing journey with a wide range of service menu for facial , hair , eyelash extension , waxing , manicure , pedicure , body spa and massage . Additional facilities to be enjoyed before and after your treatments include a dry heat sauna , a calm relaxation salad and detox bar , cold and hot aroma jacuzzi and therapeutic vichy shower. And spa philosophy is to be the best high end spa lounge in Yangon by providing each and every guest with a fully immersive , holistically healing experience in a classy , professional setting and environment . Are committed to providing guests with a revitalizing experience that restores health and vitality. They have hunted down the world’s best beauty and spa products to ensure sensational treatments . The power of nature’s healing ingredients together with advanced technology and research , is harnessed to offer their guests the ultimate skin and body care solutions . Their spa has a specially designed health-conscious spa menu , offering a variety of wholesome food and drinks to give our guest’s time to rediscover a healthy and discerning lifestyle. And promise to create a place of ultimate relaxation and tranquility where you can unwind and purify mind , body and soul .
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