At California Skin Spa, we believe that achieving a healthy glowing skin is possible at any age.

We want you to LOVE the SKIN you’re in, so invest in yourself, you deserve it!

All of our Spa Therapists are highest Qualified Dermalogica Skin Experts & are well-equipped to help our clients achieve their skin fitness goals.


Yangon Dragons Rugby Football Club was the first rugby club to be established in Myanmar and is the sister club of Cebu Dragons in the Philippines. For those wanting to get involved with, or simply searching for more information about, Yangon Dragons Rugby, please get in touch with us on [email protected]. Trainings are currently on at the following times:
Every Other Teusday 6-8pm @ Yangon United Football Club
Saturday 11am – Contact at Star City Sports Field, Thanlyin

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Poe-ma assistance is a provider of broad non-medical assistance & global emergency medical services for travelers or expatriates in South East Asia (Cambodia, Myanmar & Laos).

The service provided by Poe-ma assistance is in fact the “after sales service” of the independent insurance companies covering health, life, travel, assistance, and so on of the travelers or expatriates.

Poe-ma assistance works with a network of local providers thoroughly selected and by recommending such service provider, Poe-ma assistance can ensure that the travelers or expatriates will have the best service available on site.

It would be unrealistic and restrictive to list the services offered when Poe-ma assistance is committed to solve every problems the traveler or expatriate is facing. So it is only possible to give some non-exhaustive examples…

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