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Bart was Not Here: God Complex

Bart Was Not Here—or there; when I checked out his solo exhibition at the Myanm/art gallery. Oddly named God Complex, many would find it improper since we are living in a country...

The 17th Solo Exhibition of Aung Myint Opens Today at Myanm/art

Famed for his persistent use of black, white and red to create stark, abstract paintings, an exhibition titled “17 A.M.” featuring the latest work from the artist Aung Myint opened today at...

Part Illusion: Thynn Lei Nwe at Myanm/art

Thynn Lei Nwe’s first ever solo exhibition at Myanm/art with her particularly poignant illustrations and paintings of her imagination on Monday, 9th July 2018. Photos by the Pictureman.

I’m not Trying to Seduce You at Myanm/art

An exploration into the idea of the Burmese Femme Fatale. Inspired by Aestheticism, the artists have created work with a wide range of outcomes including fashion photography, illustration and fine art. Photos by the Pictureman.

International artists mix poetry and visuals in new Yangon exhibition

Intersection, an exhibition mixing poetry and visual art, will be held at Myanm/art on Bogalay Zay Street on March 23-April 8 from 2-5pm. Featuring the works of poet Marc Nair and visual artist Nicola Anthony,...