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Explore the Mergui Archipelago in Style

Burma Boating is set to launch monthly cruises around the Mergui Archipelago, combining two of the most sought-after activities in these clear waters – yachting and scuba diving. The SY Dallinghoo, a 30-meter classic gaff-rigged...

Unclogging Ghost Nets in Myanmar

Awei Pila in Mergui Archipelago is a subsidiary tourism project of Yoma Strategic Holdings that consists of many resorts located in both well-known and lesser-known spots throughout Myanmar.

A new Awei Pila luxury resort to launch in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago

An exclusive resort set on a remote tropical island in Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago, will open its doors to visitors on December 15. Owned by the Yangon-based Memories Group, the recently constructed property on the secluded...