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Long-standing in Yangon’s food industry, Green Elephant remains popular for tourist groups. The restaurant offers a vast array of different dishes, and are a great introduction to Asian cuisine for those not willing to risk street food. The restaurant is pleasantly decorated; the servers are attentive and efficient. Highly recommended are their sweet desserts but bear in mind that the restaurant is quite expensive compared to many other Asian-style restaurants in Yangon.

From the 17th century, national men & women started to wear hats (Hat) as necessary, while a black hat (Black Hat) with formal dress. And  not just created as Fashion clothes and even rural. This will never change and Fashion world can stand permanently referred to Black Hat. Standing Sun starting from the upcoming Black Hat Restaurant was created going through the clearance existing consumers of food chemistry started to consider when installing Wine.
Various international seasoned wines will be available there and also Carlsberg, Kirin, Myanmar Premium draught beer also. Their food does not contain any chemicals and they will share you the organic Burmese small plates system.

If you are craving something special about pork, this is what you’re looking for!! You can even grab vermicelli & noodle with their spicy and sweet sauce. And the taste is like we dont need to mention, just try yourself out!

One of the Best local restaurants in Yangon, serve Myanmar food mainly. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks.

09 778 44244109 778 442441

100 percent Myanmar Arabica Coffee with SCAA (Speciality Coffee Association of America) Standard . Cinnamon Roast of Coffee Beans . Notes of Lemon, Fruity & Chocolate, you can even get fresh Myanmar oiled rice here.

Yangon’s iconic modern Myanmar cuisine.

09 730 2442909 730 24429

Color Stone offers a culinary road trip around the Orient and Southeast Asia. The restaurant serves up well regarded Sushi, Chinese, Thai and Myanmar noodle dishes at mid-range prices. It’s open daily from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm and has a private dining room.

09 778 94312209 778 943122

Located in the heart of Yangon with delicious foods and good services. A nice place for coffee break.

09 787 15479909 787 154799

The institution that is Taing Yin Thar, set up 5 years ago by the famous actress Yadanarpon and her two best friends, has now extended its reach, to Yankin.

For those of you who don’t know Taing Yin Thar prides itself on its regional and ethnic dishes and its high level of hygiene! Unlike the many regional restaurants in Yangon, such as Kachin and Mon, TYT has the best of Myanmar fayre all in one place.

09 785 41154209 785 411542

A new opened tea house with various myanmar traditional foods with awesome decorations.

09 777761320, 09 77776132109 777761320, 09 777761321

Mogok Thu is a place where you can expect a wide range of authentic foods from different ethnic groups. As the foods are unusual but sure they come with excellency taste. Also you can try some traditional drinks.

09 761 894 67009 761 894 670

Swer focuses on Mawlamyine cuisine. It serves local delicacies like Mawlamyine-style Mohinga, chicken and coconut rice wrapped in a banana leaf, and its signature dessert Bein Mont. If you don’t wanna try Mawlamyine food (although we strongly suggest you do), there are also Thai and Chinese menus.

No 10, Myaung Mya Street, Sanchaung Township, Yangon

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