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3.50 (1 review)
01-523 84001-523 840
It’s a Chinese restaurant located at Market Place by City Mart. It’s a nice place and...
5.00 (1 review)
The food is all about Healthy Salads and tasty Thai dishes. It you don’t know what to choose, ask...
4.50 (1 review)
Harley’s is a healthy brand of quick-serving, restaurant quality food at affordable prices. Burge...
5.00 (1 review)
Le Bistrot offers traditional French bistro made from predominantly local ingredients along with ...
1.50 (1 review)
09-5080466 / 09-504839309-5080466 / 09-5048393
A beautiful unspoiled & serene Karaweik view in the centre of Yangon. A cosy relaxing atmosph...
4.00 (1 review)
The Manhattan Fish Market is a causal restaurant serving American-style seafood, prepared by the ...
4.00 (1 review)
Looking for the real Indian food from the origin? Well, this is where you are going to have your ...
4.50 (1 review)
In Japanese, Gekkõ translates literally as “moon-shine”. Gekko is located on the ground floor of ...
4.00 (1 review)
One of Yangon’s most popular expat haunts. 50th Street Bar is a little slice of home for ma...
4.00 (1 review)
09887667668, 0996816689909887667668, 09968166899
Formerly known as Yhet’s which is hidden in a side street off Merchant Street and now it mo...
4.00 (1 review)
09-731 4238609-731 42386
This tiny restaurant in the heart of downtown serves what is regarded as some of the best Indian ...
4.00 (1 review)
01 211 70201 211 702
Fu-Rin is a relatively new player in the field of the ever-growing Japanese restaurants in Yangon...
1.50 (1 review)
The Brasserie @ the lobby of Sedona Hotel serves various themed buffets nightly including the Che...
4.00 (1 review)
09 25717146409 257171464
Putao is the northernmost town of Kachin State, up near the beautiful Hkakabo Razi snow-capped mo...
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