Fu-Rin Japanese Restaurant

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Fu-Rin is a relatively new player in the field of the ever-growing Japanese restaurants in Yangon. They serve a buffet hot-pot for dinner nightly. For lunch they serve bento set-meals and have just started a delivery service. The Ginger Set Meal (4,000Ks) is a stirfry with pork slices that?s tasty yet not spicy ? good for the sensitive tummies. This comes with a side of Japanese coleslaw and rice is served separately. The Pork Cutlet Curry Rice( 6,500Ks) is the most yummy-looking amongst all with a bed of rice followed by a layer of curry and topped with battered pork sliced on top. The team (who shall remain nameless) were so excited we forgot to take a photo. The Curry Rice (4,000Ks) is exactly what it is ? a generous serving of Japanese-style vegetable curry (read: sweet and curry is mixed with flour) on top of a bed of fluffy rice.

New find: Japanese shabu shabu buffet


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