Freedom Cafe - Botahtaung Branch

Building- 2, Room - 1, Anawyahtar Housing, Botahtaung Pagoda Rd, Botataung Township, Yangon
Thar Yar Gone @ Nay Kyar Street Yangon Yangon Region MM

The cozy, garden themed cafe is filled with soft natural light. Inside is decorated with a comfortable pillow filled swing, lamp posts, colorful balloons, benches for talks, and cute chairs and tables. You can feel the grass below your feet, as if you were in a garden. Unlike a lot of cafes, Freedom Cafe allows you to bring your pets, and also have a gathering with other pet owners. Sometimes, the cafe brings in branded dog food and accessories with discounts and promotions.

Opening Hours
9:30 AM - 8:30 PM
Price Range
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