Bodhi Nava

Bahan Street 2 Yangon Yangon Region MM

Bodhi Nava came to life when its founders, Bo and Ben, discovered a lovely house in a quiet little street at the foot of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Previously used as an old car workshop, its potential stood out to create a hostel and café reflecting the peaceful charm of Myanmar life in the heart of Yangon.

The name Bodhi Nava is intended to reflect the tranquility of this sacred area, as the Bodhi (Banyan) tree is where the Buddha attained enlightenment through meditation, and Nava is the number 9 in Pali – the ancient Buddhist language – representing the 9 attributes of the Buddha.

Bodhi Nava is the culmination of our inspirations, creating a space to relax and enjoy our distinctive home made menu designed to reflect our Burmese, Thai and Western influences. Everything we make is fresh and homemade, from frozen smoothie bowls, granola and baked bread, as well as freshly made Thai curries and Myanmar salads. Resting between the Shwedagon pagoda and Kandawgyi park, Bodhi Nava is only a short ride from the bustle of downtown, offering a perfect sanctuary to while away the hours with a coffee or one of our special juices.

Upstairs, our individually designed rooms cater to all travellers. We offer a double room with a private balcony offering perfect seclusion, or twin and shared rooms for friends or those looking to meet like-minded travellers. Guests who stay with us can enjoy free coffee with our prepared breakfast of freshly baked bread with egg, granola and fruit salad.

We hope a stay at Bodhi Nava reflects the warmth and generosity of Myanmar culture loved by everyone who spends time in our country, short or long.

Opening Hours
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Price Range
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