Ayam Penyet AP Myanmar

U Wisara Road Yangon Yangon Region MM

Ayam Penyet is a traditional Indonesian cuisine which originates from Surabaya. It is a popular chicken dish where the fresh chicken is specially marinated with various spices and herbs . The meat is then smashed with a wooden headed hammer and deep fried until golden light brown. One of the unique feature in preparing this funny name dish is the art of frying where it is crispy from outside and juicy inside. The other dishes served here are traditional Indonesian food which are also popular in Singapore and Indonesia. Their signature dish, Ayam Penyet-AP is served as a set. You get a quarter crispy chicken, a piece each of fried beancurd and tempe, some boiled kangkong, fresh cabbage, blazing hot sambal belachan and bits of crunchy golden brown fried fritter topping on the chicken.

Opening Hours
10:00 AM - 9:30 PM
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