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This tiny restaurant in the heart of downtown serves what is regarded as some of the best Indian and Nepalese food in the city. The vegetarian Thali set is particularly popular. Don’t expect fine dining, but just a couple of tables and wall fans.

This one offers a real taste of fruits & veggies as their name is a juicy bar. You can taste your favorite fruits in different kinds of mixing tastes like example; Refreshing Red include both red ones like Carrot, Apple, Orange, Beet Root & Slice of lemon and Simple ABC including Apple, Banana, Carrot. And they have smoothies also with their creative menu like Gonana with Mango, Banana & Milk mixed. So if you are craving for your juice, just go try!

RAW JUICE are specifically designed to be consumed two bottles a day. Made from 100% Pure and 100% Fresh ingredients.

They are meant to be a supplement to your daily food intake or as a snack replacement. Instead of snacking between meals, you can enjoy a healthy and nutritious juice that will leave your body satisfied of cravings.

All of their JUICE are cold-pressed, which means we utilize masticating juicers that “chew” out the food, just like your daily act of chewing. This method eliminates heat out of the process, thus resulting in more nutrients in the final JUICE.

Their JUICE bottles are made on the day of delivery to ensure the freshest, quality products for you. Made from organic fruits and vegetables, we sourced them from a local market. Let RAW be the start of a healthy lifestyle that your body has been asking for.


A healthy plant-based cafe based in Yangon serving breakfast, lunch and takeaway meals. Connected to Yangon Yoga House downtown studio. Come feed your body and soul.


Anya Ahta offers draft beer along with class, healthy food and art. Located on the corner of 37th and Mahabandula, it is an airy, high-ceilinged place cooled by fans. The walls, painted black, are covered with paintings, mostly scenes from middle Burma.


A quiet place with a great ambiance–some would even call it romantic. They are a farm-to-table locally sources sustainable restaurant. Their menus are tied to Myanmar seasons, so their menus are subject to change. Stay updated on their many events on their social media page.

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