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360Fresh is a new ecommerce shop where they offer fresh fruits and vegetables. Check out their page for pricings as they have an offer of giving a gift if you buy at least 8,000 kyats.

09 979 23145109 979 231451

Located in Pyin Oo Lwin and Hmaw Bi Township , Ah Tee Family Natural Farm where you can get organic fruits like dragon fruit, jack fruit, mango, guava, coconut, avocado, strawberry and free range eggs.

Alpha Bee is an online grocery service that delivers fresh vegetables and Burmese side dishes, which you can directly order from their Facebook page. You can order from 9 am to 5 pm from their page.

APC is a new online grocery shop where they sell fresh poultry and condiments . Check out their page for details on pricings and recipes .

APEX Gourmet Co., Ltd. is a consolidated food and beverage distributing company that inspires our culinary world with premium delicacy food produce.

Established in 2013, and part of APEX Hospitality Group, APEX Gourmet has been inspiring professional chefs and novice cooks with our extensive range of fresh quality food and beverage, carefully and expertly sourced from across the 7 continents.

As a well-established importer and sole distributor, we take pride in our premium cuts of meat and wines – a diverse selection of top-notch produce from the United States, Portugal, Spain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and beyond.

We continue to maintain our hallmarks of quality, service and integrity. Our international teams of culinary professionals endeavor to search for the best foods the world has to offer. We anticipate and manage food trends, optimize purchasing and supply chain capabilities to make available and accessible these quality products, under food-safe and hygienic conditions.

With products sourced and selected from across the globe, APEX Gourmet is a food emporium focused on providing natural ingredients produced by experts in their field.

Our staff are able to guide your selection and offer you informed and welcoming service.

1st Original Fun and Art Creativity Baking Workshop specialist at Yangon, Myanmar since 2019. Tailoring every of their desserts to achieve beautiful edible art. Picturous moment filled with sweet delights that no one can forget.

☎️ 09977792204 ☎️ 09428223540☎️ 09977792204 ☎️ 09428223540

BB Chicken — a barbeque restaurant , their main dish is grilled Chicken.They are well known for the crispy skin of the meat. The shop is giving offers such as free delivery for this month so make sure to check out their Facebook page to order or call the provided numbers.

09 756 19183309 756 191833

Beirut is bringing original Lebanese food straight from their great grandmothers recipes to your doorstep. Offering a wide range of healthy options made with fresh ingredients. They are a cloud kitchen: all of their delicious food are available to order through messenger, no dine-in.

Yogurt is made by adding a number of types of harmless bacteria to milk, causing it to ferment. This thickens it and gives it its characteristically tangy flavour. Their live yogurt has been fermented with live culture bacteria. It has a smooth, creamy texture and a fresh, slightly tangy flavour. We also have set yogurt which is allowed to set in the pot , so has a firmer texture than other yogurts, but is still creamy and smooth.

The first microbrewery in Myanmar, Burbrit delivers its crafted beer cans directly to your doorstep, cooled and packed in ice boxes. They come in six-pack and it’s Ks12,000 per pack for the whole month of October. Choose from four flavours and order any two packs to enjoy free delivery. Direct message them or call 09 774 734 774 or 09 950 962 119 for the next day delivery.

Central Zay is an online grocery store which offers various kinds of meats and wines. Shop our wide selection of specially packaged fresh meats and great selection of wines, Satisfaction Guaranteed!

City Mall Online delivers Groceries,Meat, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Baby Needs, Books, Beauty, Electronics and Medicines to your doorstep. Shop from a selection of more than 12,000 products and get your order delivered to you as early as next day.

09 691 02578909 691 025789
Crispy Crispy is a place, selling fresh and safety homemade foods. And they only use high quality imported product for their customers.

DD Chicken is Yangon’s go-to delivery food service for fresh, roasted charcoal grilled chicken! Their assortment of unique sauces delicious sandwiches and healthy side dishes make DD Chicken a must-have comfort food option. Available in the Yangon area.

Feeling like having some Indian today? Find our menu and online delivery system at Or call 09409700071 to place your order. Order now by calling them or by your preffered delivery app; maybe you’ll find your new favorite dish on their menu!

09 969 01200009 969 012000
“Dirty Little Secret” a pastry shop, with unique designs for their cakes. Hit them for an order. If what you want isn’t on the menu, check out their Facebook page to see their menu and order.

Fresh , Healthy and Chemical FREE products from Myanmar Farms direct to your house. Boost your health with Organic Foods.

 Fresh , Healthy and Chemical FREE products from Myanmar Farms direct to your house. Boost your health with Organic Foods

“Joitamoi by Chef Orng” is the latest innovation of food journey experience by the infamous Chef Orng. He invites you on a fine dining adventure showcasing his passion and dedication to refined cuisine.

The team behind Seeds now offers Seeds @ Home, where they bring the exquisite experience of Seeds to enjoy a lunch, dinner or even a cocktail party with your friends and guests during this period at home.

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